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Internet car purchase experience in the new digital landscape From Deloitte Consulting

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According to the research report, more than 40% of Chinese consumers want to bypass the traditional dealer channels and buy cars directly from manufacturers. Another 40% of the respondents regarded whether the brand can achieve o2o seamless integration in various online and offline contacts as an important decision-making factor. In this context, major automobile manufacturers have begun to face the challenges and actively explore innovative sales models

Traditional automobile manufacturers are often subject to the complexity and complexity of organizational structure, business process and information system.

Based on the concept of direct selling, the new car making forces represented by Weilai and Baiteng have designed a set of unique business operation mode, avoiding a series of criticisms of the traditional dealer mode through effective control and rebate.

Combined with their own business characteristics, some automobile manufacturers adopt the “mixed mode” of coexistence of distribution and direct sales channels. The first mock exam means that OEM manufacturers will also own inventory before car buying invoices, but cooperate with authorized agents in terms of sales channels.

Technology empowerment in customer journey

1. The perceptual organs with their own abilities digital tools

Automobile manufacturers represented by new energy brands are actively exploring the application scenarios of various digital tools to create a unique shopping experience for customers, which not only caters to the needs of technology lovers, but also enables manufacturers to collect valuable first-hand customer data.

Including face recognition, augmented reality / virtual reality, mobile applications and other digital tools, to provide customers with a refreshing car shopping experience.

These digital tools and various software algorithms can help them to collect unique customer data and transform it into a weathervane to interpret consumer preferences, which can be used as a reference for R & D and marketing teams.

In addition to playing an important role of “one-stop platform” in the whole sales and car use process, app can also be used to continuously collect all kinds of feedback related to products, experiences and brands. At the same time, a number of new energy vehicle manufacturers have designed a more user-friendly interactive interface and introduced social modules with changeable playing methods, which has changed the pure practical positioning of previous brand apps to enhance user stickiness and considerable opening rate.

2. Irreplaceable central brain customer interaction center

The use of digital tools is not enough to succeed in this new digital landscape. At present, the more important issue, especially in the direct selling mode, is how to achieve seamless collaboration online and offline, and coordinate and manage all customer contacts with ease.

Automobile manufacturers need to set up a customer interaction center (CCIC) and position it as the central brain behind all customer contacts to bring more personalized customer experience to consumers.

CCIC not only realizes the comprehensive digitization of customer interaction in each link, but also records all customer information in the automobile manufacturer’s own database through the seamless integration system. For each customer tailor communication strategy, design specific marketing program or for subsequent customer communication to lay a solid foundation.

In the mixed mode, CCIC is more important. It can supervise the agents to serve every customer online and offline as required, and ensure the quality of the data collected reaches the standard. It can also ensure that the operation of the store meets the requirements of the headquarters, and provide targeted improvement programs. In addition, it will evaluate agents according to important customer experience indicators.

CCIC is not an isolated online function module. As a central brain, it can continuously add value to every business in the customer’s journey under the premise of efficient operation.

Core insight

In order to create a unique brand tone and provide consumers with innovative and high-quality car purchasing experience, automobile manufacturers should pay attention to the following three key measures:

Reshape the digital car purchase journey – flexibly apply digital tools such as AR / VR and app to enable customers’ journey, eliminate information islands by seamlessly connecting each customer contact, and ensure that every interaction between the brand and consumers can be accurately recorded and generate customer insights;

Create a global customer view – connect the data collected by digital tools on each contact through a unique customer ID, collect all the data online and offline, and accurately depict the global portrait of each customer to create a personalized car purchase journey;

Set up a central leading organization, taking the customer interaction center (CCIC) as the central brain, coordinate the interactive contacts in the whole cycle of customers’ journey, supervise the implementation of standardized business processes, and provide consistent online and offline experience for consumers.

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