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Internet domain name industry report in 2021 From China Institute of information technology

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Since 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia has gradually affected the global and China’s domain name management system and the development of the industry. Macroeconomic instability has increased, the process of domain name market integration has accelerated, the threat of Cyberspace Security and trust has intensified, and the legislative and regulatory actions of major countries have increased. The global domain name management system is running smoothly and orderly. Based on the established strategic direction, ICANN actively takes measures to meet the challenges, and continuously promotes the improvement of governance mechanism and international policy innovation under the supervision and accountability of the global Internet community.

By the end of 2020, the global domain name registration market and China’s domain name registration market will be 374 million and 430.08 million respectively, of which the new general top level domain (GTLD) domain name registration market will be 31.252 million and 7.181 million respectively, a certain decline compared with the previous year. The domain name resolution service infrastructure is generally safe, stable and flexible. The global deployment of resolution nodes is featured by the continuous improvement of resolution performance and the decline of market concentration. The resolution encryption technology is further developed and more deployment applications are obtained. China is the second largest domain name registration market in the world. The development of digital economy and the digital transformation of the industry will bring important impetus to the innovation and development of China’s domain name industry. At the same time, major measures to deepen the reform of “deregulation, management and service” and optimize the business environment have been gradually implemented. The multi governance model of government coordination, enterprise autonomy, industry self-discipline and social supervision has been continuously improved, The industrial development environment was further optimized.

Domain name is the key basic resource of the Internet, an important network entrance and human-computer interaction logo in the digital era, a guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the Internet, and an important foundation for supporting and promoting the development of digital economy and the construction of a network power. As a national ICT research institution and ICANN China community platform operating institution, China Institute of information technology has carried out a lot of research work in the development and management of Internet domain name industry, and also received support and help from relevant government departments, industry enterprises, associations, universities, research institutions, experts and scholars, Following the “China domain name industry development report (2015)” and “Internet domain name development and management report (2016)”, the annual “Internet domain name industry report” is issued to share research results with the industry, help the Chinese community better understand the international and domestic domain name policies and development trends, and continuously promote the healthy and orderly development of China’s Internet domain name industry, Promote the Chinese community to deeply participate in the international governance system, carry out international rule making, and contribute China’s wisdom and strength.

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