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Live report of Q1 game in 2021 From Stream Hatchet

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The live audience of the game continues to soar. In 2021, the average audience will watch 97 million hours of live games every day; 80% since 2020 and 139% since 2019.

In the first quarter, it reached a peak of 120 million viewing hours, mainly driven by the mobile Legends: Bang Bang global championship.

In this quarter, the viewing time of Western game streaming media platforms reached 8.8 billion hours, an increase of 80% compared with the first quarter of 2020. The biggest increase came from twitch, which generated 6.3 billion hours of viewing time in the first quarter of 2021, up 97% from the previous year. YouTube game’s online viewing time has increased from 1.1 billion hours to 1.4 billion hours, making it the second largest live online game platform. The audience of facebook game has increased year by year, up 87% compared with 2020.

Ludwig has become one of the fastest growing creators on twitch, mainly because of his unique way of live broadcasting. He is not only the host of the popular twitch game show “beehive thinking”, but also the continuous live broadcast of “subathon” for nearly a month has attracted 107000 viewers.

The live broadcast of the game has expanded to the global audience, with four out of every 10 creators coming from outside the United States.

Valkyrae ranked the first female anchor in the first quarter of 2021, becoming the longest female live show audience, almost twice as long as the second. The gap between male and female anchors is still large. Valkyrae is only 27th in the overall ranking.

League of heroes is the most watched E-sport of the season. Their European and Korean leagues took the top two places with more than 60 million hours of watching.

“Mobile Legends: Bang Bang” global Championship reached an amazing peak, with a total of 2.47 million viewers watching; That’s almost four times the number of spectators at other top events.

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