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Live report of Taobao in 2021

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Taobao live is about to enter its sixth year.

From 2016 to 2021, Taobao live broadcast has experienced a period of exploration, a period of rapid rise after leaving the circle, and a period of blowout driven by the epidemic situation. Now, the market returns to calm, and the platform has entered a period of steady development.

Live e-commerce entered the second half, where pigs can no longer fly; In this industry, “specialization” has become a sharp tool to keep Taobao live a leader.

From the perspective of “people, goods and market”.

First of all, the most important thing is the specialization of goods. Taobao live grew up on the e-commerce platform, behind which are Taobao’s 18 year accumulation of goods ability and business resources. The second is the specialization of anchor. Amoy girl, shop merchants, President, shopping guide and other professional role transformation as anchor, improve the content standard of the live room. Third, it is the specialization of the field. Taobao live field provides consumers with shopping mentality. In addition, with the support of emerging technologies, new scenarios such as virtual anchor and Lianmai PK emerge one after another.

Standing at this critical turning point, the Taobao list comprehensively analyzes a number of data of Taobao live broadcast from the perspectives of live broadcast practitioners, brands, live broadcast users and other roles, and jointly publishes the “Taobao live broadcast 2021 annual report” with Taobao live broadcast on map( (see the end of the article for details)

This report will specifically elaborate the following five parts:

In the second half of live e-commerce, Taobao live continued to lead the way

The rise of professional backbone of live e-commerce practitioners  

Why are new brands doing live broadcasting with goods  

Analysis of business value of Taobao live broadcast users  

Category analysis of Taobao live broadcast products

O1, 90% tmall new brands broadcast live on Taobao

Thanks to the natural e-commerce gene of Taobao live broadcasting, businesses have always been the mainstream role in the field. In 2020, there will be nearly 1000 over 100 million live broadcasting rooms, of which the number of business live broadcasting rooms accounts for more than 55%, slightly higher than that of talent live broadcasting rooms.

Among the business teams, the performance of new brands in the live broadcasting room is very bright, and the start rate shows a rapid upward trend.

Compared with traditional brands, new brands are more bold in trying new channels, and the investment in Taobao live broadcast is generally greater. Born in the era of content e-commerce, they are good at fast trying, running in and building up a talent matrix suitable for brand development. In addition, they also actively try their own broadcast channels to obtain and precipitate loyal users. According to the data, more than 90% of new brands have been launched on Taobao.

The positive investment in the live broadcast scene has also accelerated the pace of new brands entering the market. In 2019, the transaction amount of new brands will increase by a large margin, and the growth rate will still be obvious in 2020. Compared with that in 2019, the turnover of new brands in the live broadcasting room increased by 329% in 2020.

Live e-commerce provides many new brands with the possibility of overtaking at corners. From the new brand self broadcast ranking, the top 20 tmall new brands in 2020 cover beauty, 3C digital, small household appliances, food, home decoration and other categories. All walks of life have the opportunity to achieve growth in Taobao live.

2. Professional backbone rises, with the increase rate of anchor as high as 661%

Anchor is an important role in the development of live e-commerce, and also a link between goods and consumers. Taobao live anchor team expanded year by year. In particular, in 2020, the number of anchor stations increased most significantly, with a year-on-year increase of 661%.

What kind of person can be an anchor? On Taobao, the answer to this question is becoming increasingly rich. In 2016, in the early days of Taobao live broadcasting online, the good-looking and deep-rooted Taobao girls were the first people to smell the tuyere of the industry. In 2019, the team of celebrities and stars with their own traffic will follow the “wind”. In 2020, live broadcasting has become one of the focuses of business marketing. There are more and more professional roles such as president and shopping guide, which are closer to the brand.

Benefited from the deepening use of Taobao live broadcast by businesses and the promotion of the platform, the number of anchor service businesses and the number of products on the shelves in 2020 increased significantly. A good cooperation relationship has been formed between the business and the anchor. In particular, in November 2020, the double 11 big promotion wave happened, and the two data showed explosive growth.

In Taobao live broadcast, the number of fashion anchor and beauty anchor is the largest, accounting for 14% and 12.9% respectively in 2019. By 2020, with the multiple growth of the number of anchors in these two categories, the proportion will decrease slightly. This means that professional anchors in more fields begin to take root in Taobao live broadcasting, and the types of anchors tend to be balanced and diversified.

O3, Taobao live broke out what potential categories

In 2020, the degree of merchants’ involvement in Taobao’s live broadcasting channel will be deepened, which means that the categories involved in the live broadcasting will be richer and more comprehensive. From the perspective of transaction amount, 3C digital, large household appliances and household appliances industries with strong strength have crowded into the top 10. Among them, the turnover of cosmetics, food, mother and baby products increased by more than 100% for two consecutive years.

From the perspective of the growth rate of transaction amount, the growth rate of high customer price categories such as medical beauty, 3C digital and automobile, and the specific user oriented categories such as books, audio and video, home decoration and outdoor sports are gratifying.

The content scene of Taobao live broadcast is convenient for product display, can quickly attract the attention of vertical customers, and also drives the transaction growth of many new products. Take Hanfu under the category of women’s clothing as an example. Compared with 2019, the turnover of Hanfu in 2020 increased by 753%.

The rapid development of Taobao live broadcasting benefits from the increasing number of core users. Core users contributed more than 80% of the viewing time of Taobao live broadcast and more than 60% of the transactions. They are the most stable and core consumers of the platform. In terms of quantity, Taobao live core users achieved explosive growth in 2020, with a year-on-year growth of nearly 150% by the end of 2020.

Taobao live core users have high commercial value and strong consumption ability. Their average monthly consumption is more than three times that of other users. In addition, core users’ consumption covers a wide range of prices, ranging from as low as 50 yuan to more than 1000 yuan, and the number of orders has increased to varying degrees. Not only that, core users take Taobao live broadcast as one of the main consumption channels, and gradually rely on Taobao live broadcast, in which the number and proportion of heavy consumption users continue to rise.

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