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Managing the escalating complexity of customer service From Year of change

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Infobip released a new white paper entitled “a year of disruption: managing increasing complexity in customer service”. The report points out that even if the epidemic situation improves and home office is no longer normal, the process of digital transformation will continue to move forward.

With the rise of telework, many enterprises in the Asia Pacific region will start a large-scale digital transformation journey in 2020. The attack of COVID-19 makes employees only work at home, so the CX and CX processes have to go digital.

The report released a questionnaire survey on 2760 professionals from nine countries and regions from mainland China, Chinese mainland Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. The results show that although there are long-term changes in the future of enterprise planning, there are still many challenges ahead.

Increasing customer inquiries in turbulent situation: 54% of respondents mentioned that the increase of customer support inquiries was their primary challenge in the past year’s customer support work.

Fill the skills gap: 60% of respondents in Asia Pacific region believe that staff training is the first factor they consider when applying digital customer support system.

Preference evolution: infobip has been deeply engaged in overseas markets for many years and has extensive experience in the social media environment of overseas markets. The study found that social media platforms such as Facebook and instagram have been used as the main channels to provide customer support.

The above data show that the development trend of customer service support (CSS) and CX is constantly evolving, and gradually away from the traditional channels.

The future of automation

Half of the respondents said that they would regard CSS digitization as an important implementation strategy for future development, because intelligent automation and the deployment of digital Omni channel center can bring long-term benefits. The respondents scored an average of 8 points on the importance and necessity of CSS digitization from 1 to 10. When asked about the biggest challenge faced by the customer service team in the past year, 67% of Chinese respondents said that the lack of digital technology was the primary challenge. This may be due to the complexity of the Chinese market itself and the higher requirements of consumers for the degree of digitalization.

“The 2021 work report of the Chinese government points out that accelerating digital development and creating a good digital ecology are the primary development direction and goal of the government,” said Keat yieng, Tan, customer success manager of infobip North Asia Pacific. Since infobip entered the Chinese market in 2015, it has experienced the rapid development stage of China’s digital process, which coincides with the business development direction of infobip. Infobip has always been committed to improving the digital experience of Chinese users, helping to promote China’s digital construction, enhancing the digital transformation ability of Chinese enterprises, providing digital solutions for Chinese enterprises to go out to sea, and building a cloud communication management platform in line with various communication scenarios of the global mobile ecosystem. “

However, the survey shows that there seems to be a skill gap in CX industry. In all markets, employee training was the top consideration when applying the digital customer support system.

Moreover, respondents in all markets said that their customer support teams were ready to work remotely. Through deep data mining, we know that the increase of support channels, the management of new support channels and the unfamiliar with new channels are common technical challenges in the digital process. 47% of Chinese respondents said that the existing channels could not effectively support the increase in the number of customer inquiries; 49% of Chinese respondents believed that the existing customer service and support system could not be perfectly integrated with the new channels, which would become the primary challenge.

Staff skills training

Infobip encourages employers to conduct digital transformation training for Cx staff team, select communication channels suitable for local market, and seek the best solution to simplify communication needs.

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