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What is private domain? 1.1 definition of private domain traffic 1.2 characteristics of private domain operation 1.3 what problems can private domain solve for brands?

Definition of private domain traffic: brand owned user traffic that can be reached repeatedly for free

From the public domain (Internet), other domains (platforms, media channels, partners, etc.) to their own private domain (official website, customer list), as well as the traffic generated by the private domain itself (visitors)

Private domain traffic is customer data that can be used for more than two marketing activities, such as linking, reaching and selling. Private domain traffic, like domain name, trademark and goodwill, belongs to private digital assets

The characteristics of private operation: from “flow” to “retention”

Facing consumers directly, brand can reach users directly, establish contact with users, reduce traffic cost, and make user data traceable and controllable

Focus on “people” operation, take users as the core, refine operation, CO create products and content, improve user activity and stickiness, excavate user value and maintain user life cycle

There is a sense of trust, which can more directly convey the brand concept and values, shorten the distance with consumers, and establish emotional connection with them, with high consumer loyalty

Reusable traffic, user pool, free and unlimited access to consumers, increase repurchase rate and create business value

Private domain can not only bring new incremental space, but also help to shape the brand

Public domain traffic has high customer acquisition cost, and private domain traffic can bring new users to the brand. Private domain traffic user pool has more brand stickiness, which can improve the repurchase rate of old users

Private domain traffic shortens the communication link between the brand and users, and more directly and effectively transmits the brand concept, which helps to enhance the brand power and shape the brand image

Private domain operation pays more attention to users’ needs than goods, with high user loyalty

The user pool can precipitate data and become the digital asset of the brand

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