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Marketing reform of life insurance and empowerment of insurance agents From Mckinsey

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China is the world’s largest and most dynamic life insurance growth market, contributing about 30% of the world’s new premium income, and is expected to maintain double-digit growth in the next few years. In 2020, COVID-19 affected the traditional offline agent’s development mode. Traditional marketing methods such as push, community activities and door-to-door sales were almost stagnant. According to our survey, 24.4% of the agents said that the current revenue was down by more than 40% compared with that of COVID-19, and that the revenue of new customers of 14.3% agents dropped by more than 60%. In the face of the pressure of short-term customer experience sharing, social media agents began to use the digital media to cultivate customers’ experience. Bi Qiang, a global managing partner of McKinsey, said that the transformation of life insurance agent channels is one of the most realistic ways to promote the continuous growth of China’s life insurance market. Under the impact of digital wave, the life insurance industry is faced with both “danger” and “opportunity”. When it comes to opportunity, it will win, when it comes to danger, it will lose.

The trend of “changing” and “unchanging” in the post epidemic period is worth thinking, distinguishing and practicing. Hu Ziliang, managing partner of McKinsey Global, said: “the impact of traditional insurance industry on digitalization is often” behind the scenes “, and digital technology is the catalyst. It will eventually force enterprises to rethink the source of revenue, organizational efficiency and talent management, and finally reshape their business model and” transform themselves “in the digital ecosystem.” Under this background, McKinsey consulting company has carried out the research on “life insurance marketing reform and insurance agent team empowerment”, aiming to provide ideas for the comprehensive “digital upgrading” of life insurance industry, and provide decision-making reference for life insurance marketing technology empowerment for industry pioneers who are determined to change. In this project, we conducted in-depth interviews with several senior executives from eight companies, and conducted a questionnaire survey on more than 10000 agents, gathering the most cutting-edge thinking and insights of the industry after the epidemic.

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