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Media inflation report 2021 From ECI

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ECI released the “media inflation report 2021”. The report shows that five of the seven media types analyzed will experience price inflation in 2021; although media inflation is expected to rebound, it is still expected that the price will be lower than that in 2019.

Digital video leads with a forecast inflation rate of 3.6%, followed by digital display, television and outdoor television (ooh) advertising, with a forecast inflation rate of 3.4% for television advertising and 2.8% for radio.

The two offline media, newspapers and magazines, are the only media that are expected to see price deflation (- 1.0% and – 2.3% respectively). Although the overall inflation rate of global offline media will reach 2.4% in 2021, it will be lower than that of online media (3.5%). Global media inflation is expected to be 3.0%.

For each media type, ECI’s forecast for 2021 depicts a different picture from that of global media inflation in 2020. Last year, digital media was the only type without deflation. The inflation rate of digital display advertising price was 2.4%, and that of digital video was 3.7%. This is related to the number of consumers turning to and the relevant blocking instructions during the new crown pandemic.

Radio was the worst performer last year, with prices down 9.4%, followed by newspapers (- 7.2%) and magazines (- 7.4%). TV prices fell 4.6%, followed by ooh (- 2.2%). As a result, the overall price of offline media dropped by 5.3% in 2020. Moreover, the data of offline media is enough to tilt the balance of global media volume, and the average media price has dropped by 1%.

In terms of five-year trend, 2020 is indeed a prominent year in terms of price fluctuation. From 2017 to 2019, all media types analyzed remain in the inflation range with the least fluctuation. In addition to the sharp fall in interest rates in 2020, this forecast for 2021 represents a road to recovery.

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