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Mining trend tracking in 2021 From Deloitte Consulting

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In identifying major trends in 2021, we deliberately avoid focusing only on epidemic response initiatives. Instead, we try to look beyond the epidemic situation to understand the long-term development trend of mining industry that has been affected and the new trend that may appear.

Looking back from the trend of 2021, the core theme (i.e. trust between mining companies and the general stakeholders) has emerged. In July 2020, a report issued by the world economic forum pointed out that “trust challenge” is the main risk faced by mining companies in the future.

Comprehensive consideration, the mining industry is at an important turning point. Mining companies may grasp the key to carbon emission reduction by mining many mineral resources, but the industry is lack of funds at present. Mining is expected to create a wide range of meaningful urban and rural employment opportunities, but it is often not the first choice for talents. Although mining companies played an important role during the epidemic by providing personal protective equipment, using medical infrastructure and ensuring the safety of employees, many governments still want them to pay additional taxes and royalties.

From multiple perspectives, due to the lack of trust, these contradictions still exist. So this year we’re going to share insights so that mining companies understand the factors that should be considered to enhance or rebuild trust across a wide range of stakeholder ecosystems, from investors and employees to their communities and societies.

As mining companies enter the new normal, resilience has become an indispensable quality. Therefore, we will start with four scenarios that may appear in the next three to five years to analyze the trend of this year. The epidemic has accelerated many trends, but the world is still facing uncertainty. These scenarios may help enterprises predict the needs of various stakeholders, and then solve the trust challenge.

From the investor’s point of view, this means rebuilding trust by exploring new ways to continuously provide benefits for shareholders (especially in the case of gradual recovery of trading activities) and bridge the supply chain gap caused by the epidemic. Many mining companies are taking this opportunity to adjust their attitude to meet the future and move towards integrated operation, so as to improve the predictability of earnings.

To rebuild trust within talent networks, many companies are redefining leadership, changing workplace culture, and working toward zero harm goals.

Mining companies are also re examining their contribution to local communities and society as a whole by improving environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) performance.

It aims to take decarbonization seriously, transform corporate governance framework into competitive advantage, and create value for a wide range of stakeholders. Most mining companies are also committed to effectively integrating social investment with sustainable results, and play an active role in the global transition to clean energy in the future.

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