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Mobile game market report in 2021 From App Annie

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Games play a dominant role in mobile application business, especially in terms of revenue. In 2020, mobile app users will spend $143 billion, of which $100 billion will be spent on games. In other words, every time users spend a dollar on IOS and Google play, the game accounts for 70 cents.

“In the chicken eating game, the strategic cooperation with pop singers has greatly improved the efficiency of user access, because in a year when there were almost no live concerts, they provided virtual digital concerts. “Lexi Sydow, senior market insight manager of APP Annie, believes that” although the overall demand of the advertising industry is weak, advertising will still be an important way to realize mobile games in 2020. In fact, mobile advertising will promote the development of the whole advertising industry in 2020, and games are the main contributor. ” We also found that the user participation of game advertising has reached the highest level ever, and the daily active user display on ironsource advertising intermediary platform has increased by 51% year on year. In 2020, while maintaining social isolation, people want to be able to entertain, socialize and pass the time, all of which come from their portable game machines – their mobile phones.

The game also has the upper hand in terms of download volume, but the lead is not so large. In 2020, 36% of the mobile applications downloaded by users will be games, accounting for 80 billion of the 218 billion downloads. The growth rate is 2.5 times higher than that of all kinds of applications. In terms of user time, people spent 296 billion hours on mobile games in the past year, an increase of 35% compared with 222 billion hours in 2019. These data show that mobile games as a platform has achieved a significant rise. This is a market with only a decade of development history, in which game products are either free or support in app purchase.

However, we expect mobile game users to spend more than $120 billion this year (up 20% from 2020). That’s 50% more than the sum of user spending on mainframes, PCs, Macs and handheld game consoles.

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