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Network security is the key to realize the broad prospect of 5g From Grasp the future of 5g

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We are about to usher in a world supported and connected by 5g enabled massive Internet of things (mioT). In this world, 5g will provide the foundation for our smart city, 4ir operation mode, smart home, intelligent transportation, intelligent medical and countless other potential applications.

However, these changes also lead to more stringent network security review. However, the possible vulnerabilities of 5g come from other factors of 5g ecosystem, especially the security of terminal devices. The good news is that these security challenges faced by 5g network can be overcome, which provides a solid foundation for all parties to participate in global innovation and realize the broad prospects of 5g technology application. Ensuring 5g network security is the key for 5g to fully create potential benefits for consumers, enterprises and the whole society, and to ensure the safety of end users.

In order to protect all mobile networks including 5g from network security threats, the key first step is to understand where the vulnerabilities may appear. In this paper, we propose a zero trust approach, which combines three key foundations that company leaders focus on

Trust to promote the adoption of network security measures;

Flexibility to prevent and survive destructive network attacks and recover after attacks;

Implement and act quickly to address emerging and existing threats.

The above three points are the basis of building a robust network strategy, which can ensure that enterprises deploy 5g quickly and safely, so that individuals, enterprises and society as a whole can enjoy the great potential of 5g as a powerful new tool confidently and safely.

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