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Network service report for the fourth quarter of 2020 From GP Bullhound

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With the digital transformation promoted by the pandemic, the demand for cloud experts is growing

▪ Most recent technology spending has focused on the cloud, and Cisco estimates that 94% of all Internet workloads will be transferred to cloud services in 2021.

▪ The momentum of AWS, azure and Google cloud is still strong. Microsoft reports that azure business will grow 48% month on month by December 2020.

▪ Cognisant led three well-known cloud acquisitions: new signature in London in July for us $305 million, tin roof, an American engineering company in August, and 10th magnet in September. By September 2020, cognisant’s Microsoft business alone has grown 75% year-on-year.

Game and E-sports professional institutions have become the winners after the pandemic

▪ In 2020, 66% of minors under 35 in the United States will watch or participate in E-sports.

▪ More beneficiaries of the surge include E-sports content channels such as twitch, whose game ratings rose 55% between March and April, reaching 3 billion hours in the first quarter alone.

▪ A large number of deals involving game / E-sports institutions and game studios are trying to bring these functions in. In November, keyword studios acquired game marketing expert Gnet in Los Angeles for $32 million, while embracer Group acquired sandbox strategies in New York.

Social e-commerce is an e-commerce channel for brand marketers to develop rapidly

▪ In 2020, 76 million U.S. users will shop through social networks, accounting for 38% of all U.S. social network users. Under the influence of novel coronavirus pneumonia, the volume of social e-commerce sales in the US is expected to grow by 34% in 2021, and the total sales volume will reach 39 billion US dollars.

▪ Agent service providers with social e-commerce expertise will be more and more popular. In July, bazaarvoice acquired curalate, a visual business expert, and in December, Facebook acquired customer service startup kustomer for $1 billion, making it part of the social e-commerce promotion.

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