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New market insight and new trend Mining Report under the new industry pattern From Ali mom

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Ali mom m insight and tmall gold makeup award jointly released the report “new market insight and new trend mining under the new pattern of the industry”, revealing the new pattern changes and market opportunities behind the steady growth of the four major industries in the past three years, especially the penetration space and development opportunities of the sinking Market and young market. At the same time, in the face of the beauty market entering a mature stage, and the continuous turnover of high potential categories of gehujiaqing, how to find blue ocean trends and opportunities?

Based on the common characteristics and needs of consumers, four core markets of beauty, personal care, Jiaqing and pet industry are set up: sinking market, young market, backbone force and high-end upgrading. M insight pointed out that the sinking market and the young market are the opportunity markets for the development of brands and businesses. From the three dimensions of scale space, crowd value and marketing difficulty, the sinking market has large penetration space, fast UV growth and low customer acquisition cost; the young market also has large penetration space, high user interaction heat, low customer acquisition cost and good future growth.

Young market users grow up in the information age and are influenced by all-round multiculturalism. Their consumption propositions are summarized as follows: face value justice, dimensional life, Kuroshio and self-expression. They are willing to pay for the beauty. Their vision of dream life and expectation of a better future keep young users’ enthusiasm for the second meta culture rising; The personality of daring to taste new products and chasing the trend bravely is also reflected in the love for intelligent products, as well as the expression and self-expression of customized and niche styles.

The consumption proposition of sinking market users can be summarized in four aspects: leisure life, price sensitivity, chasing tide and getting out of domain and health awakening. Sinking users have more leisure time to spend money and enjoy themselves. At the same time, Wumart also asks for high price, which makes it more attractive to customers. In the process of information explosion and high-speed cross domain circulation, sinking users are driven to get rid of the constraints of offline space and pursue the lifestyle of urban people, such as smart bracelet and water floss, with an increase of nearly 50%. With the continuation of the epidemic, the expectation of the sinking users on the stability of life has been broken to a certain extent, and the health awareness has been further awakened, such as the growth of drugs, food, bath medicine and so on.

Young users have higher uncertainty in the environment. They hope to get a sense of control and self-discipline from the detailed division of the subdivision effect, steps and functions of the products, such as scalp care needs, hair coloring and color lock requirements, and mask for neck. Sinking users also began to generate segmentation demand from the perspective of gender and function, such as the rise of male personal care in the sinking market. Young users are more eager for spiritual companionship, and elaborately create cute pets to convey their desire for stable love and companionship; Sunken users are willing to spend more time to add a full sense of ceremony to their lives and create exquisite home life. In the pursuit of color impact and sensory stimulation, young users and sinking users have pursuit, but the difference is that sinking users prefer public taste, while young users prefer niche fragrance. At the same time, the two groups of users love to try new and cutting-edge products. Young users are easily moved by cross-border brands and IP co branding, while sunken users prefer to try cross-border products with ingredients and forms.

M insight found that the beauty industry has gradually entered a mature and stable stage from a high growth rate, and 90% of the top ten categories of beauty industry scale in 2020 are consistent with that in 2019. The industry of gehujiaqing presents the flow trend of various categories and fast iteration, and the consumer demand begins to move towards specialization and refinement.

Through exploring the core categories behind the blue ocean trend, Ali mom helps businesses find incremental opportunities in the mature beauty industry and high potential racetracks in the fast-moving wash and care industry. In combination with Ali mother’s marketing products, through the selection of trend track products, we can obtain the acceleration of product characteristics and industry support.

At the same time, Ali’s mother launched the early adopter model and the Kano model. The former helps businesses to solve the problem of trend mining and product introduction before going public, while the latter helps businesses to cold start and continuously track new products.

In the co construction with Han Gao Jiaqing, we explored the demand concerns of early adopter for “color” and “fragrance”, and found that the demand for color protection function of laundry cleaning products was more refined, and even derived the demand for spot color protection, anti cross color, and color restoration. Besides, the smell of laundry is more pleasant to you. Unlike the needs of flowers and perfumes, grass and Matsuki Ka are also the future trend.

Huang Ling’an, general manager of Henkel detergent and household products division in China, said: “Ali’s mother’s EA Insight into the laundry categories of trend susceptible groups and trend mining of color protection demand help and guide the brand to continue to deepen the market segmentation of special washing and protection laundry liquid, and lead the category growth through the concept of color protection in bottles; at the same time, the mining of fragrance trend guides the brand to quickly undertake the demand of grass and wood fragrance on the fragrance laundry liquid track and accelerate the layout of trend goods. “

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