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New paradigm of e-commerce in sinking Market From Research on community group buying

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The innovation of performance mode brings about the improvement of circulation efficiency, which is expected to start the third wave of popularization of e-commerce

The rapid development of e-commerce in the past is inseparable from the maturity of the performance system represented by express delivery. At present, the average performance cost limit of Tongda express is about 4-5 yuan / piece, which means that only products with a gross profit of more than 5 yuan can be online on a large scale, which is also the reason why it is difficult to online fresh products, Ribai and other categories. We believe that through effective innovation, community group buying is expected to control the per unit performance cost at about 1 yuan, greatly eliminating the online resistance of related categories, and even more efficient than some offline formats. Focusing on the categories with low gross profit, standardization and high repurchase rate, we believe that community group buying is expected to start the third wave of e-commerce popularization after the wave of e-commerce driven by express delivery and warehouse distribution.

The choice of value proposition is clear, and the first large-scale “downward” exploration of fresh and fast-moving products

The online rate of fresh products and FMCG products is relatively low. This front-line solution is basically based on the premise of guaranteeing experience. Its price is high performance cost. It is suitable for high gross profit and high unit price products and has the property of consumption upgrading. Community group buying is the first large-scale “downward” exploration, that is, strategically sacrificing part of the experience, concentrating resources on cost performance and enlarging it. The starting point of community group buying mode is to gather the consumption ideas of the general public to form a strong purchasing power objectively. This kind of purchasing power does not stand in the position of the supplier, but in the perspective of consumers, representing the interests of the overwhelming majority of consumers. Community group buying is not the only explorer. The early group buying and today’s pinduoduo are all positive attempts to help the public form a joint force of consumption decision-making power.

The giant’s decisive competition greatly raises the threshold of the industry, and the determination and strength determine the future pattern

As it involves the transformation and replacement of existing channels, we estimate that the industry space will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan. The effective exploration of pioneers has proved that the business model is effective to a certain extent. Good track is always crowded, huge industry space and the feasibility of business model will inevitably lead to fierce competition. The opportunity that everyone sees is not everyone’s opportunity. It only belongs to the people who have the most foresight, determination and strength to allocate resources. In short, we think the opportunities for Internet giants are greater.

The market space and business model of community group buying are clear, but considering the fierce competition, the short-term sotp valuation is not convincing. We suggest to think about the core value of the platform brought by the new model from the overall strategy of the company.

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