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New trend of maternal and child social media in 2021 From Weibo

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In 2018, maternal and infant industry observation released a set of data: the number of newborns in China is only about 15 million. At the global conference of 10000 mothers and infants in 2019, Yang Deyong, founder of maternal and infant industry observation, gave a group of “pessimistic” data: compared with the birth rate in 20182019, the marriage rate has declined for five consecutive years, and the number of newborns is expected to decrease by 30-35% in the next five years. And the fact is that there has been a decline. Last year, there were more than 14 million newborns.

Contrary to the pessimistic data, it is the growth level of online consumption in the maternal and infant industry, as well as the huge opportunities in the face of new channels for mothers of new year’s age. In order to become a good mother of the new generation, brands explore new exports online, and form a closed-loop interest transaction through short video knowledge acquisition, experience, and avoidance. Brands pay more attention to online growth scale

“Which KOLs are you looking for? How to publicize product advantages? What problems do mothers care more about? What kind of platform is more suitable for touch users? ” In the face of new channels, the question mark of the brand is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, weiboyi (ID: weiboyi weiboyi) and released the data report of “new outlet of pregnancy and childbirth – new trend of maternal and infant social media launch in 2021”, combining with the latest platform data, transaction data, public opinion data, etc., to comprehensively guide the effective launch of maternal and infant brands.

What are the new trends in the delivery of maternal and infant products?

Before this year’s 618 and the 11th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the launch of maternal and infant brands on the mainstream social media platforms reached a peak, showing the characteristics of “large quantity and high price”. Compared with the double 11 in 2019, the overall number of orders and the total amount of transactions during the double 11 in 2020 increased by 35.24% and 1.75% respectively. In addition, the customer unit price of the mother and baby brand increased by 133% and the flow became more and more expensive. How to launch more refined and cost-effective has become the most concerned issue of the mother and baby brand.

There are five typical characteristics in advertising

1. A lot of money was invested in xiaohongshu and Shuangwei, and the growth of short video platform was obvious

The short video platform has become a new position for gold mining, and the transaction volume and customer unit price have both risen. The tiktok budget of 2019vs2020 eleven and mother infant brand 86.71% were invested in the two micro and Kwai hung Book platforms, showing a decrease in turnover and customer price in the two micro platforms.

“Kwai Cao” has become an important part of the new generation of mothers and infants to form a purchase decision. Therefore, the focus of the mother child brand is also gradually shifted from “tiktok” to “double micro platform”, to the “grass planting” based on the quiver, the fast hand and the little red book platform.

2 pairs of microtiktok; double micro + jitter + red book is the first choice.

Tiktok marketing requires attention to category characteristics. For mother and baby, dual micro, dual micro + jitter + Xiao Hong book become the first choice for mother and baby brand multi platform delivery. In 2020 tiktok tiktok, the super 70% (71.01%) mother and baby brand selection was launched by multiple platform combination, with dual micro, dual micro + tremble + red book, double micro + small red book, double micro + jitter, and single platform put the focus on the WeChat and the tiktok platform.

In addition to social media, the mother vertical media aiming at the node’s trump IP is also favored by many mother infant and pan mother infant brands. The reason is that brands of different sizes will have targeted platform combination delivery strategies. Choosing cross platform delivery is to maximize the capture of massive crowd, while choosing single platform delivery is to dig deep into accurate crowd and media value, so as to achieve single platform breakthrough.

3. Cross screen professional mother and baby celebrities are sought after

From the perspective of KOL preference, the mother and baby industry has high requirements for content professionalism, and cross screen professional mother and baby celebrities are sought after. The root of multi platform combination strategy is related to the dust of user’s catalyst behavior and the easy distraction of user’s attention. Therefore, KOL with multi platform fan base is easier to achieve multiple touch of personal IP, and the brand and product form mental occupation in the user’s mind.

In addition, “mother and baby are no trifles”, safety is the most concerned factor of users and the basis of all purchase behaviors. Therefore, KOL content has high professional requirements, and the native red man with mother and child vertical community incubation has formed a unique advantage of point to area combination under the cross screen influence, which has attracted more attention and favor from users and brands.

4. Diapers / milk powder / toiletries become the category of maternal and child care products

From the perspective of product categories, rigid demand products are more competitive, and brand owners invest more. As a new Baoma user, professional mother and child KOL tend to show higher loyalty and trust. In the case of final selection through multi-party comparison, the more rigid and prudent products are, on the contrary, they have higher transformation ability in the platform. Therefore, the overall brand category is dominated by paper Urine pants, milk powder and other daily FMCG products are the main ones, and the proportion of brand investment in the four core platforms is consistent with that of the whole.

5. Vertical is the first choice, and the launch of different categories presents a multi scene trend

Different categories of favorite account types have obvious differences, and the products and scenes are perfectly integrated. Among them, the core scenes related to maternal and child care accounted for 40%, and the extended scenes such as interest scenes and related scenes accounted for 25% – 45%.

What are the tips for launching mother and baby products?

Professional is fundamental, and mothers trust more people with the image of “professional users”. From the overall classification of mother and child KOL, it is very important to continue the advanced incubation and personal IP internal skill in the station. After establishing their own professional degree and accurate crowd influence, they carry out the professional operation and cross screen transmission outside the station. The mother and child brand subdivides the mother and child KOL to realize the fine label and IP humanized delivery, and realize the target person Group precision touch.

Based on the marketing purpose and rhythm of different stages of the brand / product, we can achieve accurate delivery, namely testing, word-of-mouth fermentation, detonating and word-of-mouth precipitation. Through the four steps of KOL content marketing, we can achieve a complete touch and touch closed loop. Different from other industries, the purchasing power of mother and baby is not driven by face value and interest, but by brand trust.

In the test stage, the middle waist and tail KOL are generally used for the test, and the relatively high cost-effective investment is used to adjust the content trend and form the small circle layer influence in the early stage;

In the stage of word-of-mouth fermentation, we focus on the middle waist KOL, form the influence diffusion and professional endorsement from the head KOL, and produce high-quality content from the middle waist KOL spread + depth touch;

In the detonating stage, it mainly focuses on the star and head KOL to quickly enhance the brand awareness and integrate into the user’s mind. At the same time, through the content laying in the early stage, it forms the impression of full product value in the secondary search content;

Word of mouth precipitation, through more professional science experts, middle waist KOL + tail KOL way, increase product trust at the official level, precipitation brand assets.

At present, there is a new upsurge of cross screen delivery. To build a global personalized content marketing mode, the trend of short video is irreversible. From multi-dimensional grass planting to brand power CO creation, grass planting based on mother and child KOL original content, realizing cross screen layout and multi screen linkage, will be more conducive to the deep touch of mother and child brand like diversified users.

In the short video platform, the conversion rate of original video content users’ attention is the highest. During the “double 11” period in 2020, mother and baby brands focus on original videos and pay more attention to the ability of personalized customization of commercial content;

Different platform original video content marketing effect is obvious, B station, micro-blog and Xiaohong book original video interaction effect rate is higher, tiktok, little red book and B station original video in interested users attention conversion rate is higher than micro-blog.

Better understand the characteristics of users’ mother and baby fans

According to the statistics of micro tiktok, the first 26-40 year old group is the absolute main force of maternal and infant, and the young mothers and infants are more fond of trembling.

From the perspective of fans’ gender, mothers are the main force of parenting, and “fathers” actively participate in the process of parenting, and the attention and consumption habits of maternal and child content gradually increase;

From the age of fans, the TGI value of the 26-40 year old age group is the highest. Compared with 2019vs2020, the most obvious increase is 36-40 years old. It is the core group of content consumption. From the age distribution of different platforms, WeChat’s mother and infant users focus on 26-40 years old, and the mothers of tiktok are relatively younger than 26 years old, and the distribution of age of micro-blog mother and baby users is more balanced.

Secondly, the overall downward trend is obvious, and wechat users are still converging in the front line and new front line.

On the whole, the TGI of the third, fourth and lower tier cities is slightly lower than that of the first and second tier cities, but compared with 2019vs2020, the TGI value of the fourth and lower tier cities has increased, and the sinking trend of the mother and child users is obvious. In the future, the mother and child brands will have amazing growth potential in the low tier cities. Compared with different platforms, the penetration rate of wechat mother and child users in the first and new tier is the highest, and the penetration rate of microblog and microblog is the highest The distribution of voice users in different levels of cities is more balanced.

Finally, combined with user interest tags, the brand creates exclusive content and scenes to reach users.

Home Furnishing / delicacy delicacy / home furnishing /3C/ is a common interest label for mothers and infants. From different platforms, micro-blog users are gathered in maternity and beauty makeup, WeChat users are in tiktok / gastronomic /3C and home life, users are aggregated in the labels of pregnant and child gourmet / gourmet /3C/ luxury goods, etc. The brand needs to take into account the concentration of KOL in social media delivery. Launch, accurately reach the target users of multiple circles, and need to do more refined content and scene creation for the launch platform.

According to the change of users, the opportunities of brand launch gradually appear, and personality / experience / face value / content / quality / innovation become the future growth points of mother and baby brand.

Where are the opportunities for maternal and infant brands on different platforms?

Wechat platform launch opportunities: news information / Workplace Management / Tourism in wechat is a blue ocean market, which can be focused on.

The commercial density of maternal and child care and beauty accounts is relatively high, the investment tends to be stable, and the investment space is relatively saturated; the commercial density of news and information, workplace management, tourism and other accounts is low, and the interactive unit price is low, and the investment space is huge, which belongs to the blue ocean area of investment. It is suggested that advertisers pay attention to and choose.

Microblog platform launch opportunities: Popular Science / sports fitness / food belong to the blue ocean in microblog, which can be focused on.

The interactive unit price of pet, home and literature and art accounts is high, but the commercial density is low, which belongs to the launch opportunity area and has a certain launch space; the commercial density of popular science, sports and fitness, food and 3C digital accounts is low, and the interactive unit price is low, and the launch space is huge, which belongs to the blue ocean area, so it is suggested that advertisers focus on and choose.

Tiktok tiktok: opportunity to play: animation / entertainment video / talent in the blue sea, and focus on it.

Fashion wear, food, emotional and psychological account interaction unit price is high, but the commercial density is low, belonging to the launch opportunity area, there is a certain space; animation, entertainment video and other account commercial density is low and interactive unit price is low, the launch space is huge, belonging to the launch of the blue ocean area, it is recommended that advertisers focus on and choose.

Little red book platform launch opportunities: Pets / food / Photography in little red book is a blue ocean space, can focus on.

The interactive unit price of household, tourism and fashion wear accounts is high, but the commercial density is low, which belongs to the launch opportunity area and has a certain launch space; the commercial density of pet, food and other accounts is low, and the interactive unit price is low, and the launch space is huge, which belongs to the blue ocean area. It is suggested that advertisers focus on and choose.

Vertical platform – momnet platform launch opportunity point: baby feeding / nursing is still the core of maternal vertical, and there are more opportunities in the field of Pan maternal and infant.

On the vertical platform of mother and baby, the brands with high density of brand launch and KOL label are strong related brands of baby feeding and baby care; the pan mother and baby brands begin to penetrate, with large launch opportunities and large space for accurate coverage of KOL label in the station; the current density of health and fitness related brands is relatively low, which is a new blue ocean for brand launch.

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