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New trend of tea consumption in 2021 From Ipsos & Nestle

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Under the trend of normalization of COVID-19, the tea consumption market will be sustained and deeply influenced. Nestle professional catering and Ipsos, the world’s leading market research group, released the “2021 Tea Research Report” to help tea companies understand the current attitude and behavior changes of consumers and the reasons behind them, and explore new challenges and opportunities in the tea industry.

01Part: more than 40% of new tea consumers are under 20 years old

From the analysis of the structure of new tea consumers, 42% of the consumers are under 20 years old, and 29% of them are 20-30 years old. According to marital status, unmarried or childless families account for nearly 70%.

From the perspective of professional status, students and enterprise employees account for 72%; from the perspective of income level, the monthly salary of 5000-10000 accounts for 40%, and 10000-20000 accounts for 31%.

Among them, rich emotional demand is the main motivation of tea consumption, while functional demand is the second.

“Nothing can’t be solved by a cup of milk tea”. Buying milk tea can make consumers have a better mood.

02part — consumers’ favorite drink looks like this

90% of customers choose more than two ingredients

Last year, the trend of tea ingredients was more and more obvious. For example, the “one cup milk tea and half cup ingredients” of a certain brand tea vividly explained the changes of tea ingredients.

The richness of ingredients is unprecedented, from cream, Oreo crumbs, nuts, biscuits to fruit grains, fruit frozen and so on, a cup of milk tea, N kinds of collocation.

Today, with more and more tea ingredients and more varieties, only 10% of consumers choose a single ingredient, and 90% of customers choose more than two ingredients.

02 | the top pattern is endless

Milk cap, ice cream and cream top are the three most popular top materials at present.

Milk cap has been at the top of the list for a long time, and the trend of cream top continues to rise is obvious. Many brands frequently use new cream top products in hot drinks in autumn and winter.

The most typical is the “treasure tea” series of Naixue’s tea. During the national day last year, nine of its “treasure tea” series in the top 10 cities accounted for the top 1 in sales.

In addition, playing patterns on the top can not only enrich the taste, but also improve the color value. Matcha powder, chocolate powder, fruit granules, Oreo and other tea top ingredients are widely used by brands because of their good taste and high color value.

Recently, coco and Nestle’s KitKat can jointly launch new products with KitKat chocolate crispy milk top, completing the combination of three mainstream drink elements of fruit, milk tea and chocolate.

03 | over 70% of customers choose “less sugar”

In sweetness selection, more than 70% of consumers will take the initiative to reduce the sweetness when ordering, and only 27% choose normal sweetness.

Many tea brands give consumers multiple choices of sugar, like tea launched a series of low calorie stevioside tea, coco can, 1 little and other brands use arabinose, while Lele tea can choose rock sugar or zero calorie sugar for free.

04 | thick milk drinks become brand’s “new favorite”

In September last year, lucky launched “thick milk latte”, which became the origin of thick milk tea series and opened the era of thick milk. After that, Naixue, Xicha and LeLe tea successively launched thick milk related tea drinks.

The new development trend of thick milk slurry integration industry. Nestle’s newly listed “Nestle special milk” is made from its own whole milk, light cream and Eagle mark condensed milk in accordance with the golden ratio, boosting the strong mellow flavor and the trend of standardized operation.

03part — the strongest voice in the post epidemic period: health and safety

The quality and safety of food products are related to the raw materials, no additives, and the storage of food materials at appropriate temperature.

Consumers have a strong voice for real milk, and they pay more attention to the specific types and brands of dairy products. 34% of consumers will pay attention to the product packaging and instructions in the store, and 20% will take the initiative to ask the staff for relevant information.

Now, some brands will focus on the dairy brands they use. For example, chayanyuese and 700CC all use Nestle milk on the official ordering platform.

Consumers are also very concerned about the hygiene of the shop, such as the cleanliness of the operation desk and the floor, and whether the staff wear masks and gloves as required.

In the era of “health is king”, food safety has been paid more and more attention by consumers, and it has also become an untouchable red line for enterprises.

In the post epidemic era, brand communication should focus on the health of products, the freshness of raw materials, and the standardization of store operation.

04part: epidemic boosts 5% increase in online orders

During the Mid Autumn Festival last year, Naixue’s tea sold more than 3.4 million cups of tea in eight days, of which the brand’s small program orders accounted for more than 50%.

Last year, there was only wechat as a platform, and the data showed that the number of small tea apps increased by 744%.

In order to reduce contact, consumers reduced in store food and increased the online take out mode during the epidemic period. In the post epidemic era, online ordering has become a trend. Ipsos survey of Ipsos shows that the consumption of online order taking out and self fetching has increased by 5% compared with that in 2019.

When consumers order online, they will pay attention to the activities on small programs, especially the promotion and new product activities; for channels and brands, the marketing activities directly communicating with consumers will be mainly carried out through online tools.

The epidemic situation makes consumers put forward higher requirements for the health and safety of tea, and forces enterprises to improve themselves in marketing, R & D and management. Promote the tea industry in advance to achieve in-depth integration with the Internet, digital layout to in-depth development.

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