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November 2020 mobile report From Ericsson

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The spread of covid-19 continues to affect all aspects of society. Despite the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, service providers continue to deploy 5g, and more than 100 companies have announced the launch of commercial 5g services. The first 5g independent network (SA) has also been launched.

In the third quarter of 2020, the net increase of mobile users is very low, only 11 million. This may be due to the popularity and associated locking restrictions. In the long run, the number of mobile subscriptions will decrease slightly due to the deletion of multiple invalid subscriptions. Ericsson predicts that by the end of 2026, mobile users will reach 8.8 billion.

5g users with 5g devices grew by about 50 million in the quarter to about 150 million. Ericsson has increased its estimate of 5g users by the end of 2020 and now forecasts 220 million. This is mainly due to China’s faster adoption than previously expected, driven by national strategic priorities, fierce competition among service providers and affordable 5g smartphones from multiple suppliers. The forecast for North America remains unchanged. At present, Northeast Asia has the highest penetration rate of 5g users. However, by 2026, North America will have the highest proportion of 5g users, reaching 80%.

Over the forecast period, 5g subscriptions are expected to grow faster than 4G (LTE). The key factor is China’s earlier participation in 5g deployment. By the end of 2026, Ericsson predicts that the number of 5g users worldwide will reach 3.5 billion, accounting for about 40% of all mobile users at that time.

In the forecast period, LTE will still be the main mobile access technology. In the third quarter of 2020, LTE subscriptions increased by about 70 million to about 4.5 billion people, accounting for 57% of all mobile subscriptions. It is expected to reach a peak of 4.8 billion users by 2021. By the end of 2026, as more users migrate to 5g, the number will drop to about 3.9 billion.

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