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On Jiangxi Province in 2021 From Massive engine

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Wang Bo, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, left such a soul stirring quatrains in Tengwang Pavilion on the Bank of Ganjiang River.

This is the great beauty of Jiangxi with a long history and beautiful scenery.

However, modern Jiangxi seems to have met many challenges on the road of urban evolution and development. This land with rich products and many celebrities is eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to take off again.

Let beauty not be “forgotten”

Tiktok has provided a new stage for Jiangxi. Jiangxi’s history and culture and its rich products have attracted a lot of attention in the tiktok platform. Take Tengwang Pavilion, a landmark building in Nanchang, as an example, in 2020, more than 160 million related content will be broadcast, and the beauty of “autumn water and sky” will be transmitted to thousands of households through the mobile phone screen.

Jiangxi is also a city full of heroes. The city’s spirit tiktok spread widely in the early years of the epidemic, the flood in mid – year, and the lovely Jiangxi children. Jiangxi’s spirit was spreading on the platform. The short video content from the front line of Jiujiang flood prevention has aroused extensive discussion from all walks of life, and more than 3.45 million praise has witnessed people’s concern about the flood situation of the Yangtze River.

The same beautiful, is from the ordinary people moved. From 10 Fen tiktok to a one yuan kitchen, shaking is also making Jiangxi’s city more vivid and dynamic. Many people in Jiangxi are passing on the simplicity and kindness of Jiangxi people through this platform. The city charm tiktok tiktok of Jiangxi is full of blossom. Different types of content are gathered together to form a beautiful Jiangxi on the shaking.

In 2020, over 9 million Jiangxi related content released on the tiktok attracted a lot of attention: over 80 billion of the volume and 1 billion 700 million of interaction. Jiangxi is showing its unique charm with a new attitude. Tiktok tiktok also boosted the pride of local residents. The tremor also spread the influence of Jiangxi in the whole country and even the world. Besides the local users, the trembling users in Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces kept the leading position in the volume of watching.

Exclusive tiktok ecology in Jiangxi

Tiktok tiktok’s Jiangxi related content is building the exclusive vibrant ecology of the land with users and creators from Jiangxi. In 2020, the scale of Jiangxi’s tiktok users increased steadily, and the registered users in December exceeded 36 million. Among them, life and film content are the most concerned. Tiktok all day long, tiktok, tiktok, Jiangxi, and the vibrant performance of users in the Jiangxi are showing the characteristics of the whole weather and the whole time. There is no obvious depression on Monday to Sunday. Even at night, the shaking is accompanied by the sleepless hours of many loud and loud users.

Similar to tiktok tiktok’s growth trend, the Jiangxi’s vibrant creators also experienced rapid expansion in 2020. In addition to over 7000 fans who have more than 100 thousand fans and 90 thousand professional fans who have more than 5000 fans, they also constitute the backbone of Jiangxi’s vibrant group. These top creators include official accounts such as Yiyang publishing and nanfengrong media center, as well as grassroots talents represented by pipijiao, a life service account with more than 20 million fans. Many proficiency in a particular line of Jiangxi has achieved self realization and sublimation on the tiktok.

Facing the future

The tiktok tiktok is still developing. In 2020, the emergence of 294 new million powder accounts and more than 4000 new one hundred thousand powder accounts brought new vitality to the Jiangxi’s vibrant content ecology. The smooth access of the head creators also stimulated the record enthusiastically of Jiangxi’s vibrant producers.

Content, users and creators tiktok together to create a vibrant ecosystem belonging to Jiangxi. The creator creates content to provide users, users provide interaction and feedback for creators, and the identity of creators and users blend with each other, bringing tiktok content scale and quality of Jiangxi to a rapid development.

Perhaps, tiktok is the opportunity Jiangxi is waiting for. Jiangxi’s city tiktok tiktok has been fully excavated and reflected, and the trembling sound will also accompany Jiangxi to welcome the bright future of this red fertile soil.

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