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As the world’s largest car company, Tesla has a strong competitive advantage in innovation compared with other traditional car companies. At the same time, Tesla has been in the forefront of other car companies in terms of intelligent Internet connected vehicles and automatic driving.

According to the research of BCG, the more diversified the leadership team, the higher the innovation revenue. And Tesla’s leadership diversification construction has also begun to be announced.

Tesla released its first diversity report. According to the report, more than half of Tesla’s U.S. employees are ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups; however, more than 80% of the employees in the management are male and 59% are white.

Tesla’s first diversity, equity and inclusion impact report provides much less detail than Google, apple and other companies began releasing employee demographics in 2014. But for a car company, it can not be directly compared with the technology company.

Statistics show that management including directors and above only account for a small part of the total number of employees, less than 0.4%. For Tesla, reducing the number of leadership can improve the work delivery and promotion efficiency to a certain extent.

By 2020, men accounted for 79% of Tesla’s employees, including 83% in leadership, 75% in new employees and 77% in promotion.

Women make up 21% of Tesla employees, 17% of leadership, 25% of new employees and 23% of promotions.

Black and African American employees account for 10% of Tesla employees, 4% in leadership, 12% in new employees and 10% in promotions.

Asian employees account for 21% of Tesla’s employees, 25% in leadership, 20% in new hires and 23% in promotions.

Hispanics and Latinos make up 22% of Tesla employees, 4% of leadership, 27% of new employees and 24% of promotions.

White people make up 34% of Tesla’s employees, 59% in leadership, 32% in new employees and 35% in promotions.

Other groups (Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Hawaiians, and Alaskans) make up 7% of Tesla’s employees and 1% of its leadership.

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