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In the Western Han Dynasty, the appearance of the butchers marked the birth of the intermediary group with matchmaking as the core. Through thousands of years, what is the value of real estate brokerage industry? In the post epidemic era, workers from all walks of life accept a new test. What’s the living face of China’s nearly 2 million real estate agents?

As the “front-line” service provider of quality housing, the economic and social value of the real estate brokerage industry is becoming increasingly important, which is reflected in the following three aspects:

With the arrival of the stock age, the industrial value chain is reconstructed. From the experience of British and American countries, the added value of real estate leasing and brokerage industry accounts for more than 70% of the real estate industry, and the direct pull rate of GDP is about 8%;

The real estate brokerage industry has become the employment stabilizer, and the growth rate of employees is higher than that of property and development. During the epidemic period, 88% of brokerage companies did not lay off employees, which played an important role in stabilizing employment;

Brokers are escorts in the process of family house purchase and rental. 70% of consumers do not understand the real estate transaction process and risk points, and need the help of brokers.

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