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Practice and Enlightenment From Industrial 4.0 x industrial Internet

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The industrial Internet expert group of China Germany intelligent manufacturing cooperative enterprise dialogue working group (AGU) (hereinafter referred to as “industrial Internet expert group”) aims to enhance mutual understanding and understanding of concepts and put forward key contents and suggestions for mutual development through industry research and research between China and Germany. As a result of the initial stage of the expert group, this white paper shows the preliminary research results of the joint work between Chinese and German enterprises and experts, which will lay a solid foundation for future cooperation.

From the definition and scope of chapter two, the white paper first outlines the understanding and understanding of Chinese and German experts on industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet. In terms of industry coverage, German industry 4.0 focuses on the application of Internet of things in manufacturing, while Chinese industrial Internet not only focuses on industrial infrastructure, but also covers a number of vertical industries, such as energy, health care and construction.

Based on the discussion of the definition, the third chapter mainly collects and analyzes many practical cases provided by Chinese and German enterprises in the expert group. German cases include Siemens, tongkuai, ThyssenKrupp and sap, including service-oriented cooling, remote and predictive maintenance, service-oriented 3D printing, and end-to-end integrated PLM process in machinery industry. The six practical cases provided by the Chinese side cover the wide application of China’s industrial Internet, such as intelligent after-sales service solutions for construction machinery, mass customization solutions for home appliance industry, 5g Smart port case analysis, intelligent management edge computing platform for tool monitoring and life prediction, identification and tracking, as well as network security emergency disposal and security protection solutions.

The detailed description and analysis of the case provides a solid foundation for the summary work in the fourth chapter. Starting with the strategic importance and value of industrial Internet, the conclusion of Chapter 4 focuses on Interoperability (including machine connectivity and network), data protection, seamless PLM and platform, and expounds the future work of industrial Internet expert group, which first focuses on interoperability and data protection. The case will be further studied. In terms of interoperability, the expert group of industrial Internet suggests to conduct research on the use of mqtt and OPC UA in China and Germany, and work with the Sino German standardization working group to jointly formulate suggestions; in terms of data protection, it is suggested to first have a clear understanding of different requirements and understand the different requirements of data protection in terms of communication and ownership.

The fifth chapter of the white paper lists and cites the testbed, relevant glossary and other resources of industry 4.0 and industrial Internet in China and Germany, which provide valuable information for industry participants and enterprises.

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