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IAS released the industry pulse report 2021. Due to increasingly stringent data privacy regulations, cookies are about to crash. By 2021, the demise of cookies will be the core challenge for nearly half of the advertising industry (49%).

In addition to adapting to the cookie free digital world, transparency, lack of indicators and data privacy are also the top concerns of marketers next year. Last year, by contrast, the industry focused on legislation. Now, media experts focus on the impact of these new rules on accurate measurement.

Google announced that it will stop supporting third-party cookies on chrome by the end of 2021. Firefox has started tracking protection.

At the same time, apple said that starting next year, its operating software will require the app to seek permission from users before it can collect advertising information, especially advertising identifiers, the number of targeted ads used and the evaluation of advertising effectiveness.

There are concerns that these changes will give more power to technology giants such as Google, which is both a major participant in and a major beneficiary of third-party cookie termination.

An article from the Niemann lab at Harvard University criticized Google for blocking certain ads on the grounds that they obviously take up too much computing power on users’ devices without explaining to publishers why this happened.

Recently, the UK government set up a digital marketing task force in response to a one-year study by the competition and Marketing Authority (CMA) on the dominance of technology giants in the field of digital advertising.

Transparency and brand risk remain the focus of social media and advertising program buying. This demand is particularly common in Europe. Gdpr, privacy issues and the elimination of third-party cookies there continue to limit the data available for audience targeting.

Other major findings include:

88% of respondents expect that advertising spending will shift from traditional TV to digital video / Internet TV next year, and the trend will accelerate.

Only 17% of respondents believe that social platforms provide enough transparency.

59% said they planned to adjust social media spending due to insufficient indicators.

66% of respondents believe that AI and machine learning will improve the relevance of mobile advertising.

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