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Q1 consumer loyalty report 2021 From IRI

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IRI released the consumer loyalty report for the first quarter of 2021. There is no doubt that retail subscription services and incentive schemes will attract consumers. The survey found that three-quarters of consumers (74%) have applied for membership cards because their members can get free or rewards, and more than half (56%) have also participated in online subscription activities requiring annual fees.

For nearly three-quarters of consumers, the incentive plan has a very high influence (22%) or a certain influence (51%) in choosing shopping places. Amazon Prime is the most popular paid online retail subscription service, with about half (51%) of respondents subscribing to the service. This is significant because chewy, the next most popular subscription service, is only used by 7% of consumers, followed by Walmart + (4%) and dollar shake Club (3%).

In exchange for paying membership fees, consumers want certain benefits, including free delivery (58%), same day delivery (39%) and more variety of goods than in the store (31%).

Online services like Amazon Prime, which charge an annual fee, are not the most common incentive programs. More and more consumers are also participating in membership activities in medicine (74%, such as CVS or Walmart) or grocery stores (68%, such as Kroger or Safeway).

Data show that consumers with higher incomes (more than $100000) are more likely to use these incentive schemes than other income groups, but are least likely to participate in the convenience store incentive schemes. On the other hand, Z generation is a loyal user of member activities of supermarkets and professional beauty shops.

Other findings

Despite the turbulence in 2020 caused by the cowid-19 pandemic, consumers’ attitude towards family financial health will not change much in 2021.

Consumer sentiment showed strong signs of recovery in early 2021.

From the perspective of 2020, consumers are not willing to go shopping or collect coupons, but their willingness to buy is still strong.

Consumers are more interested in personalized membership programs.

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