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Q4 financial technology investment report in 2020 From GP Bullhound

The following is the Q4 financial technology investment report in 2020 From GP Bullhound recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: original, Investment & Economy, research report, financial technology.

Is cryptocurrency on the cusp of mainstream adoption?

▪ Bitcoin’s price rose more than 255% in 2020 and closed at $29001 by the end of the year.

▪ In October, square bought $50 million of bitcoin.

▪ This quarter, PayPal launched a new service that enables customers to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency directly from PayPal accounts, thus distinguishing themselves from existing digital wallets.

▪ Chainanalysis, led by addition, raised $100 million in November, and digital asset financial services company nydig, led by financial technology group, raised $50 million.

Bank as a service: is the game of traditional banks over?

▪ The bank as a service (baas) Company splits the underlying banking business of the bank, selects all levels of the bank stack to provide different services, and enables non-financial digital brands to launch new financial service products faster and cheaper, such as payment, loan and bank account.

2020 marks a major change in the pattern of insurance technology financing

▪ Insurance technology companies bring innovation to the entire insurance value chain, which puts pressure on digital insurance companies, because these digital first start-ups continue to subvert the insurance market or use proprietary technology capabilities to improve business efficiency.

▪ 2020 is a record year. Lemonade launched an IPO in the second quarter, with a present value of US $6.9 billion, an increase of 322% since the IPO, which is an important milestone in the industry. This has built a road for other insurance technology companies to follow, including a number of early stage financing in the later stage, including $350 million raised by hippo, $140 million raised by Oscar and $250 million raised by next insurance.

▪ A series of activities occurred in this quarter. October was listed in October with a valuation of US $6.7 billion. Getsafe B raised US $30 million, Luko B raised US $60 million and wefox C raised US $130 million.

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