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Q4 global venture capital report in 2020 From kpmg

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KPMG released the “Q4 global venture capital report 2020”, and venture capital remained very strong in the fourth quarter.

Venture capitalists focus on technology driven solutions

In the fourth quarter of 2020, as the epidemic continues, venture investors in all jurisdictions continue to focus on companies with strong value propositions, including those in logistics and delivery, health and biotechnology, financial technology and corporate productivity.

IPO market continues to soar

In the fourth quarter of 2020, the IPO market continued to soar, especially in the United States, where three Unicorn companies went public within two days in early December. Express company doordash raised more than $3.3 billion in IPO, artificial intelligence driven company SaaS raised $651 million, and holiday rental market airbnb raised $3.5 billion.

Health and biotechnology ready for sustained growth

In the fourth quarter, health and biotechnology remained a very hot area for venture capital in all regions of the world, with a number of companies raising more than US $100 million in financing, including resilience (US $725 million) and Tempus in the United States Labs (US $450 million), lumiradx (US $389 million), China United bio (US $310 million) and recker bio (US $224 million), and Artest Life Sciences (US $125 million) in Germany. In the quarter, China based Jingdong health also held Asia’s largest healthcare IPO, raising $3.5 billion on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Permanent change of consumer behavior

Over the past year, consumers around the world have had no choice but to embrace digital technology in many aspects of their lives. Consumers who used to rely on face-to-face channels are used to using technology for a whole range of activities, from daily banking activities to ordering groceries and other household items. The convenience of many of these events is expected to continue beyond the pandemic, driving a permanent shift in consumer behavior and their acceptance and interest in digital channels.

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