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Yien consulting released the recommended list of good books in 2020. According to the list, in 2019, the cumulative scale of online text works increased steadily, reaching 25.901 million. Among them, female literature has always been an important part of network literature.

As an original content output platform for female students, yuewennvpin has gathered six female frequency websites, including starting point female network, Yunqi academy, Hongxiu Tianxiang academy and Xiaoxiang Academy. As of June 2020, there are about 5.6 million works of women’s frequency, with an average of 1.2 billion words updated every month. There are about 4.7 million female writers.

It is reported that the list is based on the comprehensive research and data research on the excellent works of women’s frequency of Yuewen group’s starting point girls network, Xiaoxiang academy, Yunqi academy and Hongxiu Tianxiang. Combined with the open data of the third-party platform and with reference to the opinions of experts in relevant fields, the data modeling and analysis are carried out from five dimensions of the work’s popularity index, gold absorption index, author index, broken circle index and expert index Finally, 20 “good books of the year 2020” from yuewennvpin were selected through three-dimensional scoring. :

In recent years, the works of women’s radio show the development trend of diversification and quality, and the content value is increasingly prominent. The first is the continuous expansion of content categories, represented by Yuewen group. The categories of women’s works include ancient costume romance, suspense investigation, modern romance, traditional food, history, business war, passing through strange emotions and so on. The theme of female frequency is breaking through the type format of “love”, showing the development trend of diversified and mainstream themes.

Among the top female works is the platinum writer Xi Xing’s “ask Dan Zhu”, which tells the story of Chen Dan Zhu, the descendant of Wu’s meritorious service, in order to change the situation of his family’s death and recover Wu’s family and mountains and rivers during the period of enfeoffment, deeply integrating female characters into history.

Also ranked fourth in the list, Miss watch from platinum writer Zhizhi also shows a happy story about the life of a group of ancient celebrities through the tortuous fate of the protagonist, combining suspense, history and other elements.

The list also shows that in 2020, the content of women’s reading frequency will be more diversified, and the theme types will involve 50 + content feature tags. The diversification of theme and style urges more content innovation. Suspense, science fiction, space, Xianxia and other new forms of romantic works with more types are becoming more and more popular.

Among them, high sugar, easy, counter attack three content types are the most popular. Group favors and waistcoat and other types of rapid growth, in line with the “life is not easy to add sweet” mentality, warm humorous, relaxed Tucao style make complaints about readers more and more popular.

To a certain extent, the diversification of the theme also promotes the mainstream and the process of breaking the circle. Judging from the works on the list, the content of Yuewen women’s frequency has been developing from deep to wide. On the reading platform, more and more women’s works begin to integrate realistic elements, thinking about the great interests of the country and personal growth, which not only enriches the characters and works, but also further improves the overall literariness of women’s online articles and broadens the audience base.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the number of fans and the rank of authors, the number of adaptations of authors is also an important indicator of the “author index”. The volume of IP adaptation is not only an important indicator to measure the influence of women’s frequency platform, but also an important dimension to consider the influence of works and writers. In this list, there are many writers whose past works have been or are in the process of film and television and other forms of adaptation, such as Xixing’s Jun Jiu Ling, xiziqing’s dandy Shi Zi Fei, squeaky’s introduction to common women, Mu Nan Zhi and so on.

In general, the authority list of women’s reading frequency’s best books in 2020 released by Yi’en can not only provide readers with books selection and reading guide for women’s reading frequency, but also give full consideration to the “broken circle” link of work value extension, depict the popularity of works, the penetration rate of book fans and the diffusion of more popular groups, and provide more reference for the downstream of IP content.

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