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Reconstructing operation mode and promoting enterprise development From Global lighthouse network

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The Chinese version of the white paper “global lighthouse network: restructuring business model and promoting enterprise development” jointly written by McKinsey and the world economic forum was officially released today. The white paper reveals the challenges faced by COVID-19, a leading manufacturer of advanced manufacturing from all walks of life, in the face of the challenges brought by COVID-19, and how to achieve productivity improvement, market share increase, customer centered concept upgrading, and environmental sustainability through the innovation of the fourth industrial revolution.

Launched jointly by the world economic forum and McKinsey in 2018, the global lighthouse network project has increased to 69 lighthouse factories so far. As a platform to explore, replicate and promote innovation, the global lighthouse network aims to create opportunities for cross enterprise learning and collaboration, and set a new benchmark for the global manufacturing community. The white paper points out that despite the hitherto unknown impact of COVID-19, 93% of the lighthouse has achieved an increase in output or developed new sources of revenue through the large-scale use of advanced manufacturing technology. Moreover, 53% of lighthouses also witnessed significant environmental sustainability benefits. The achievements of Lighthouse enterprises before and after the outbreak of the epidemic are sufficient to prove that large-scale integration of the fourth industrial revolution innovation is the core element of the long-term development of enterprises, and the top priority of successful realization of large-scale is to enhance the ability of employees and create agile work mode.

Five of the 15 new lighthouses are from China – Bosch (Suzhou), Foxconn (Chengdu), Midea (Shunde), Tsingtao beer (Qingdao) and Weichuang (Kunshan). This is undoubtedly good news for China’s manufacturing industry, which is still forging ahead in the post epidemic era, and also brings new ideas for the next stage of enterprise digital upgrading and transformation. Click to watch dialogue China lighthouse. Senior executives from these five Chinese lighthouse enterprises share their insights and thoughts with you from the perspectives of embracing digitalization, promoting sustainable growth and empowering employees.

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