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Release technological dividend and unlock growth momentum From Innovative China 2030

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Innovative technology will help China’s economy break through the three major barriers, activate the double cycle, and promote sustained economic growth.

Emerging technologies will accelerate the learning curve, greatly improve labor productivity, and reshape the relationship between people and organizations.

Artificial intelligence, digital twin and other cutting-edge technologies are enabling creative discovery and creative landing at an unprecedented speed.

New technology is constantly breaking through the limitations of regional space, but also for all kinds of enterprises to open a new way of work and production.

Thanks to demographic dividend, technology landing and globalization, China has developed rapidly in the past 40 years, becoming the second largest economy in the world. However, in view of the global economic environment, the uncertainty of COVID-19 and the bottleneck of China’s economic growth momentum, enterprises still need to break through the following three major points, which can drive new growth and lay a solid foundation for the “double cycle” of the economy. Release human potential, break through the ceiling of productivity growth, accelerate the improvement of human capital, and help the domestic demand market upgrade continuously. Accelerate the implementation of innovation, improve the return on investment of R & D, release economic value, and enable industrial transformation and upgrading. Enable international cooperation, enhance the efficiency of cross-border trade and cooperation, accelerate service export, and promote global innovation and development.

With the gradual decline of China’s demographic dividend and the gradual reduction of labor force regulations, how to maximize the labor productivity of each worker has become a major task for Chinese enterprises. The emergence of emerging technologies will help enterprises shorten the learning curve, optimize the working environment and strengthen human-computer cooperation, so as to truly release human potential and reshape the relationship between people and organizations.

For example, the application of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) digital teaching methods in enterprise training can provide realistic scene simulation and shorten the learning cycle of operational skills. It is also like using artificial intelligence technology to help human beings break through the cognitive limit and constantly expand the frontier of productivity. The era of human-computer cooperation has come. Enterprises need to go beyond the traditional efficiency thinking, embrace the “innovation growth” orientation, and work together with enterprise talents to give play to innovation driving force and achieve sustainable growth.

Accenture modeling research shows that: by 2030, on the basis of China’s GDP of 26.2 trillion US dollars, the new kinetic energy released by technological innovation is expected to unlock an additional added value of 1.9 trillion US dollars, equivalent to 7.5% of China’s GDP in 2030.

Enterprises need to innovate, but how to achieve cross professional innovation collaboration and break the island is still a problem. The application of artificial intelligence, digital twin and other new technologies will help enterprises break the experience limitation, improve the speed and quality of creativity, accelerate the implementation of innovation, and improve the R & D return. Accenture research shows that if we successfully reduce R & D costs and accelerate the implementation of innovation, it is estimated that China will get 227 billion US dollars of new revenue by 2030, equivalent to 0.9% of GDP that year.

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By building a cognitive computing platform and using machine learning technology to analyze the data of 900 oil wells, PetroChina has realized the intelligent recognition of oil, gas and water layers, so as to more precisely describe the geological model of the oilfield and support the overall process of exploration and development.


Through the virtual manufacturing technology of digital twin, Geely breaks through the limit of welding precision and strength, and realizes 100% welding automation. This can not only improve the efficiency of manufacturing process, but also reduce the cost of engineer mapping and adjustment.

The high-speed rail network shortens the distance between cities and makes business circulation and talent exchange more convenient. For consumers, the extremely developed e-commerce network and efficient logistics make people used to getting products from all over the country and even all over the world without leaving home, and almost forget the existence of distance. However, although convenient global logistics has contributed to the growth of Global trade, trade barriers and frictions are still blocking global progress. In the face of this situation, leading enterprises have made use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, 3D printing and other emerging technologies to continuously break through the restrictions of geographical space, improve the efficiency of cross-border trade, and bring new trade and cooperation opportunities. According to the Accenture model, if technology can be used to enable transnational cooperation, China’s GDP is expected to increase by US $1.4 trillion by 2030, equivalent to 5.5% of that year’s GDP.

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