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Releasing digital dividend is the focus of creating “double circulation” From Ali Research Institute

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Recently, the third Tsinghua Caixin Public Governance Forum was held in Wenjin international hotel. This forum discussed how to promote the positive interaction of domestic and international double circulation and realize the sustainable development of industry under the new development pattern of “taking domestic big circulation as the main body and domestic and international” double circulation “. An Xiaopeng, vice president of Ali Research Institute, gave his views on the issue from the perspective of industry with the title of “releasing digital dividend is the focus of building” double cycle “.

An Xiaopeng believes that data is forming a new productivity. Data, AI and other new technologies have brought about changes in the productivity system. In this change, China has the superposed advantages of Internet consumption power and manufacturing industry. The strategic decision of “double circulation” needs to give full play to the advantages of domestic super large market. At present, facing the rise of consumer sovereignty and the increase of market instability in the super large market, enterprises need to establish a high-frequency era of competition system to respond to changes in the outside world, so as to form a competitive advantage. The basic contradiction of digital transformation is the contradiction between the demand of global optimization and the supply of fragmentation. To solve this problem, we need to establish the industrial Internet, promote the better connection between enterprises and suppliers, as well as the internal of the two, and build the whole industry chain full factor resource optimization system.

The following is an Xiaopeng’s speech “releasing digital dividend is the focus of creating” double cycle “.

There is a very important coordinate system in today’s discussion of “double circulation”, that is, the position and role of information technology and digitization in “double circulation”. I hope that in my PPT, you can hear the roar of the factory machines, smell the fragrance of the soil in the field, feel the practice from the front line, and see how to think about the “double cycle” under the digital background.

The general secretary once said that in the era of Internet economy, data is not only a factor of production, but also a new productivity. Today, data is forming a new productivity, namely “data productivity”. What is data productivity? Let me start with three cases

The first case is about SpaceX. Ten years ago, musk published a letter on his website with the title of “why the US can be best China: the facts about SpaceX cost”. When everyone thought that China was the lowest cost country in the world, musk said, “I want to reduce the cost of American air launchers to 1 / 7 of that of China.”. This prediction of 10 years ago has come true today. The price of space-x dropped from $18000 to $2700 per kilogram.

The second case is about the order of logistics company. The boss of one of China’s largest logistics companies once said that a few years ago, the company’s daily orders reached 15 million, which is the ceiling of daily orders. But there is a technology out, in the logistics company vehicles, personnel, warehouses are unchanged, the daily order volume increased by 3.3 times. This technology is called “electronic face sheet”. Its essence is that logistics order realizes end-to-end digitization and specialization.

The third case is Rococo industrial design company. A few years ago, the company ordered only 1000 pieces a year. Now, the daily order can reach 1000 pieces. In the past, the price of each order was more than 1 million yuan, but now it can be reduced to 100 yuan. Because a lot of AI is involved in design. In the past, people thought that the design industry was one of the most unlikely industries to be replaced by AI. Today, AI has entered this field.

What is behind the above three cases?

The first is that the tools for understanding and transforming the world have changed: intelligent tools. Why can musk reduce the cost of aerial launcher to 1 / 7? It’s because he’s using a new tool, a bionic simulation tool called the digital twin world.

Second, labor production factors have changed: data has become a new factor. The data flow brought by the electronic face sheet increases the order volume by 3.3 times, and the integration of data elements and traditional elements produces double efficiency and superposition effect.

Third, the subject of labor has changed: the rise of knowledge innovators. With more and more new technologies, whether it’s robots, AI, software, or all kinds of algorithm models, people will have to engage in more creative work whether they want to or not.

What we see today is that new technology has brought about changes not only in production factors, labor tools and labor subjects, but also in the whole productivity system. When the productivity system changes, what are China’s advantages over the United States, Germany, Japan and South Korea in the context of “double circulation”?

China is a unique country in the world. China is the largest consumer Internet country in the world, and also the largest manufacturing country in the world. The problem is, how can we combine the advantages of a big consumer Internet country with those of the manufacturing industry to produce a kind of superposition effect and multiplication effect? This is the historical task of “double cycle” that needs to be seriously considered. Nowadays, so many basic necessities of life have been highly Internet-based, but the innovation of supply, marketing, retail, distribution, production and management is still relatively low. The superposition of these two advantages will make China form the most innovative and potential industrial ecology in the world.

When the general secretary talked about “double circulation”, there was a very important saying that “the key is to give full play to the domestic super large-scale market advantage”. How to evaluate the “double cycle” and how to give full play to its advantages? In fact, there are many observation dimensions. I think the most important dimension is to develop data productivity and release the vitality of data, that is, how to stack the advantages of a big consumer Internet country with a big manufacturing country.

How to “give full play to the domestic super large-scale market advantage”, there are three key words: new, fast, full.

“New” is a super large market. In the face of the rise of consumer sovereignty, how many new technologies, products and brands can we incubate?

“Fast” is to face the rapidly changing and uncertain demand. How to establish a competition system in the high frequency era?

“All” means that in the face of the basic contradiction of digital transformation, how can we build a resource optimization system of the whole industry chain, the whole product life cycle and the whole elements?

This is an important angle for us to observe and understand whether we can play and to what extent we can play the advantage of super large scale market. Now I will share my understanding with you from these three keywords.

The first key word is “new”: how many new technologies, new products and new brands can domestic circulation incubate?

How can we use this super large market to incubate new technologies, new products and new brands? In the next decade, the biggest challenge for all enterprises is the rise of consumer sovereignty, because consumers have become personalized, scene oriented, real-time and interactive, and the post-80s and post-90s dominate 90% of the consumer discourse. The growth of new products in consumption and new categories accounted for 44.8% of the total growth. People want to consume at will, anytime and anywhere. This is a change in demand. The question is, can our enterprises respond to this change?

In this year’s “618”, small brands with rapid growth in many segmentation areas have become the first in this industry. The segmentation market has broken out rapidly, a number of small enterprises are growing rapidly, and niche brands are rising.

Previously, we did a study and found that the fastest growing 20% of the leading enterprises on the platform have three characteristics: first, from the perspective of consumers, the leading enterprises all regard consumers as important assets, and the growth rate of new customers of the leading enterprises is 5-17 times of the industry average. Second, from the perspective of products, the new products of leading enterprises contribute more than 30% – 80% to the growth, and the growth rate of online new products exceeds 70%. Third, from the organizational point of view, many of the leading enterprise management mode has realized the transformation to the enabling type. This is an important reason for the rapid growth of enterprises.

Today, we are thinking about a unified big market with rapid growth, super large scale, super complexity, rapid evolution and online. On the one hand, it puts forward an urgent demand for the innovation of technology, products and formats; on the other hand, it provides a verification scenario for the large-scale application of new technology, new products and new formats, and finally enables the value of new technology to be recognized by the market The evolution of new technology and new products, in turn, provides new possibilities for new requirements or scenarios. This is the core issue of China’s internal circulation.

The second key word is “fast”: in the face of the rapidly changing and uncertain demand of the domestic market, how to establish a competition system in the high-frequency era?

“Fast” is the ability to establish high-frequency competitive advantage in the face of uncertain market demand. Today’s competition is high-frequency competition, because the customer’s demand is real-time, scene oriented, fragmented, or dust level. Today we talk about intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence and smart city. What is intelligence? The essence of intelligence is a subject’s new ability to make changes in the external environment. The subject can be a robot, CNC machine tool, R & D team, enterprise and so on. Can such a subject respond to changes in the external environment?

There is an enterprise called Shenzhou International, which has three labels: OEM enterprise, traditional clothing industry and medium-sized enterprise with sales scale of 20 billion. The market value of Shenzhou International on August 22 was 164.3 billion, several times that of many IT high-tech enterprises. Yesterday, it reached 190 billion. In our traditional sense, OEM enterprises are low-level and low value-added enterprises. One of the important reasons why Chinese OEM enterprises can have such a high market value is that they can accurately respond to changes in market demand with high quality, small batch and on-time delivery.

The reason behind this is that when the demand changes, the average order volume is greatly reduced, and the delivery cycle becomes shorter and shorter. The question is whether an enterprise can respond to such demand? Our high-speed rail, aircraft, tanks and automobiles are the same. The R & D cycle is constantly compressed. The R & D of aircraft is compressed from more than 10 years to 5-6 years. Why can it be compressed? Let’s see how A380 high-speed railway and aircraft are developed. Through digital twin simulation, virtual Beijing Shanghai line and a large number of wind tunnel experiments, people have realized the replacement of physical experiments. Its greatest value is to build a road to zero cost trial and error by constructing a digital twin world. Zero inventory can never be realized, but by doing this, enterprises are on the way of trial and error with zero cost. Because today’s competition is high-frequency competition, new product incubation cycle, delivery and performance, wealth settlement, goods production cycle and so on are becoming shorter and shorter, becoming more and more able to provide more accurate response to customer demand, we are moving towards the era of high-frequency competition.

3C digital, personal care and household appliances are all greatly compressed. The methodology of transforming and understanding the world has changed. New product innovation has realized the transformation from “experimental verification” to “simulation selection”, interactive feedback with consumers, and realized the transformation from long-term iteration to agile high-frequency optimization. In the past, enterprises carried out design and development according to the needs of consumers, and only one year later can they get feedback from consumers. Today, based on various platforms, enterprises can accurately perceive the needs of consumers in different stages, such as consumption insight, conceptual design, detailed design, small batch trial sales, large-scale promotion, and form more accurate, timely, and scientific decisions . Can we solve this problem in the construction of “double circulation” system today?

The third key word is “all”: in the face of the basic contradiction of digital transformation, how can we build a resource optimization system of the whole industry chain, the whole product life cycle and the whole factor?

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that the main contradiction of our society has been transformed into “the contradiction between the people’s growing needs for a better life and the unbalanced and inadequate development”, and the basic contradiction of digital transformation is the contradiction between the overall optimized demand of enterprises and the fragmented supply. Americans, Chinese and German have many concepts about digital transformation. We put all the concepts into one point, that is, how to realize the data interoperability of multiple business systems.

What we are talking about today is not a parallel line between the enterprise informatization and the income of enterprise informatization. The income of enterprise informatization can grow exponentially only after it exceeds the critical inflection point of each integration. But today, all it system solutions are fragmented. Whether we are talking about industry 4.0, industrial Internet or deep integration of the two, what they mean is one thing, that is, the system between enterprises and multiple business systems within enterprises, between enterprises and suppliers, between suppliers and suppliers, between enterprises and sellers is essentially a problem.

What is the basic contradiction of digital transformation? This contradiction is the global optimization of demand and fragmented supply. In the face of such contradictions, the whole business system is becoming more and more complex, but the adaptability of our original IT technology architecture system to the complexity of the business system is getting worse and worse, and the traditional IT architecture system is becoming more and more inadequate, so new infrastructure is needed. The new infrastructure is a new infrastructure based on 5g, cloud, mobile and IOT, and a complete set of new SaaS solutions. It is not a single technology, but a fusion of technologies brought by the integration of multiple technologies. It is constantly moving the base of the whole economic and social operation, and only the set of technical architecture system based on 5g, cloud, data and business In order to adapt to the complexity of the whole business system.

How can “double circulation” bring its advantages to the extreme in the domestic market? How to play the digital dividend? There are two paths

First, in the past 10-20 years, the government, enterprises, schools and hospitals have installed various kinds of facilities. The traditional infrastructure previously installed should be upgraded to cloud, IOT, mobile and Taiwan based. But today, an enterprise, whether it is aircraft, automobile, cosmetics, construction machinery, should have real-time perception and insight into the needs of customers, and be able to provide insight, analysis and service to consumers. What’s more, the logic of the whole business world has changed. In the past, decision-making was based on experience. Today, it needs to be transformed into deep insight and understanding based on consumers’ real-time and whole scene, making all kinds of decisions, including what to produce and how much to produce. Digital marketing, user operation, product innovation, intelligent manufacturing, channel management, distribution and brand building must be based on the consumer side. It is a C2B model, not a B2C model in the past.

China is the largest consumer Internet country and the largest manufacturing country in the world. If we can get through this chain, China will be able to build a new competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry, that is, from the past single wheel drive to two wheel drive, forming a lock-in effect based on the digital industrial chain. Only in China can we build a two wheel drive based on the new digital infrastructure Only in the ecological environment can there be higher efficiency, higher cost and faster response, which is an important outlet for China’s manufacturing industry to break through and upgrade.

At the same time, how can we change from focusing only on internal digitalization to global optimization, not only within the enterprise itself, but also on your suppliers, suppliers and consumers, so as to form a new system of global optimization, so as to form a new competitive advantage of the enterprise.

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