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Report of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in 2020

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Recently, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization released its 2020 annual report. In the preface of the report, Li Yong, director general of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, pointed out that 2020 is a very special year for everyone.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a Li Yong administration, said that the new crown pneumonia pandemic swept the world at the UN’s ten year plan of sustainable development and the determination to accelerate the realization of the 2030 agenda. This resulted in widespread loss of life, human suffering and livelihood. As hundreds of millions of people return to poverty, the progress made in the field of development over the past few decades may be in vain. The world has made great strides in Digitalization in learning, working, producing and connecting with others, which provides new opportunities, but also exposes new forms of inequality, including the digital divide. In this turbulent socio-economic situation, the world is getting closer and closer to another life and death threat – climate disaster.

Li Yong pointed out that on the positive side, the challenge in 2020 has aroused a sense of global solidarity, and reminded international cooperation, the United Nations system such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and so on are crucial to solving the global crisis. Sharing of information, knowledge and best practices, joint measures, policy coherence and multilateral responses are crucial.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia activities were launched by Li Yong in February 2020. The IDF has continued its mission mandate to respond to socio-economic challenges posed by the new crown pneumonia pandemic. It has taken urgent actions since February 2020, and has undertaken specific activities under the framework of “coping with crises and building a better future”. This report outlines some of these initiatives. Even in the most difficult period of travel restrictions and blockades, despite the travel restrictions and blockades, the organization did not stop supporting member states. In terms of service delivery, technical cooperation delivery will reach 1 . 77.7 billion US dollars, equivalent to 95% of the average delivery in the first five years %。

Li Yong also pointed out that the organization would continue to rely on the valuable guidance provided by its member states. The 2019 Abu Dhabi declaration provides the agency with a compass to 2030. The declaration gave priority to the need to eradicate poverty and address climate change and environmental degradation, and emphasized the role of the organization in the fourth industrial revolution and as a platform for private sector coordination.

In conclusion, Li Yong said that only through the generous contributions and close cooperation of Member States and partners can the achievements outlined in this report be achieved. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is of vital importance to the sustained support of UNIDO. This is particularly true in the near future, as we are seeking to overcome the new crowding disease outbreak and guide the world towards an environmentally sustainable and carbon neutral road. Once the imminent health crisis subsides, economic recovery will become a top priority. Inclusive and sustainable industrial development is a key tool for building a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient planet. This is our opportunity to do well for the future.

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