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The following is the Report of top 100 global intelligent manufacturing enterprises in science and technology innovation in 2020 From August melon Innovation Research Institute recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Strategic emerging industries, research report.

Through collecting, sorting, processing and analyzing data from the State Intellectual Property Office, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Google Trends and August melon patent database, the report constructs a systematic evaluation system of science and technology innovation index of intelligent manufacturing industry based on the principles of scientificity, integrity, comprehensiveness, operability, comparability and guidance, and sets up innovation energy There are three first level indicators, namely, innovation strength, innovation openness and innovation influence; eight second level indicators, namely, innovation achievements, R & D team, innovation activity, cross regional cooperation, industry university research collaboration, patent barrier abundance, technology and brand influence, and technology diffusion; and 22 third level indicators, mainly patent related indicators. Through the quantitative evaluation of the scientific and technological innovation level of more than 50000 enterprises in the global intelligent manufacturing industry in recent five years, the top 100 global intelligent manufacturing enterprises in scientific and technological innovation are selected.

According to the overall situation, market layout, industry distribution and technology distribution of the top 100 global intelligent manufacturing enterprises in science and technology innovation, North America, Europe, Asia and China, the report comprehensively combs the innovation trend and R & D pattern of the top 100 global intelligent manufacturing enterprises in science and technology innovation, and provides a lot of information The analysis data and charts in this paper have a certain reference value for in-depth understanding of the innovation situation, layout and trend of global intelligent manufacturing industry.

According to the report, intelligent manufacturing technology innovation continues to be active in major countries and regions in the world. In the past five years, the total number of patent applications in the global intelligent manufacturing industry has reached 205924, including 71068 authorized and valid patents. From the regional average score, the ranking of regional competitiveness is North America, Asia and Europe. In terms of the number and ranking of innovation subjects, North America also has a comparative advantage. The average level of technological innovation is high, with 38 enterprises shortlisted, followed by Asia, with 35 shortlisted enterprises and 27 European enterprises shortlisted. From the perspective of innovation activity, China’s innovation activity in recent five years is significantly higher than that of other countries or regions, followed by the United States and Europe.

According to the report, from the perspective of the development trend and distribution of sub industries, the metal products, machinery and equipment repair industry and instrument manufacturing industry are the largest and have developed well; the software and information service industry, Internet and related service industry have grown rapidly in recent years. According to the scores of the top 100 companies, Samsung Electronics ranked first, followed by general electric and IBM. But among the top 100 companies, only the top 28 companies scored higher than the average. This shows that the development level of science and technology innovation of the innovation subjects shortlisted in the top 100 is not balanced, and a few leading enterprises have obvious advantages. From the perspective of technology distribution, the United States has a large number of patent applications in various major technology fields, and the technology layout is very balanced.

It is reported that the report was guided by relevant experts from the intellectual property development research center of the State Intellectual Property Office in the process of project establishment and compilation.

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