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Vigorously promoting the deployment of new infrastructure is an important measure to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, an urgent need to build a better digital life, promote high-quality economic development, and build a new competitive advantage in the future, and a strategic need to develop the digital economy, build a powerful network country, and build an intelligent society.

New infrastructure is the core base to support the digital transformation of economy and society. It is conducive to gain new competitive advantages in the new round of development by deploying a new round of new infrastructure projects, actively using the new infrastructure to promote the digital transformation of economy and society, and cultivating new formats, new industries and new economy. Compared with the traditional infrastructure, new infrastructure projects need to pay more attention to overall planning and top-level design, pay more attention to technology integration, application and security, and pay more attention to business operation and ecological cooperation.

Based on their respective professional advantages, CCID Research Institute, Tencent cloud and Tencent Research Institute jointly compiled the white paper “new infrastructure leads the development of industrial Internet, new infrastructure, new elements, new services and new ecology”, which provides reference for local governments to grasp the development opportunities of new infrastructure projects and accelerate the development of industrial Internet.

The white paper points out that in 2020, China’s investment in key areas of new infrastructure, such as industrial Internet, big data center, 5g and artificial intelligence, will reach about 1 trillion yuan, of which the investment in big data center, 5g infrastructure, industrial Internet and artificial intelligence will be about 52%, 27%, 11% and 10% respectively. In addition, in terms of investment scale of data center, the total investment in 2020-2022 is about 1.5 trillion yuan; in terms of industrial Internet investment, the accumulated investment in 2020-2025 will reach about 650 billion yuan. In terms of 5g infrastructure construction, the cumulative investment from 2019 to 2026 will exceed 2.6 trillion yuan. In the next three years, the investment scale of artificial intelligence will exceed 100 billion yuan.

At the same time, industrial Internet platform, regional big data cloud computing center, 5g network base station construction, industrial innovation platform and industry integration application, big data, artificial intelligence innovation platform and industry application, digital government infrastructure, urban brain and so on are the key needs of new infrastructure promotion and deployment in local provinces and cities.

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