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The Ministry of Commerce issued the “report on China’s foreign trade situation (autumn 2012)”, reviewing the operation of China’s foreign trade in the first three quarters of 2012, forecasting the annual foreign trade situation, and looking forward to the development trend of China’s foreign trade in 2013.

According to the analysis of the report, since 2012, China’s foreign trade development is facing a complex and severe internal and external environment, with the growth rate of import and export falling to single digits, and the difficulties of import and export enterprises increasing. In response to the changes in the situation, the Chinese government has timely issued a series of policies and measures to promote the stable growth of foreign trade and optimize the structure of foreign trade, which has boosted the confidence of enterprises and played an important role in stabilizing the trend of foreign trade. As these policies and measures are further implemented and effective, China’s import and export in the fourth quarter is expected to continue the rebound trend in September, and China’s share of Global trade in the whole year is expected to maintain a stable or slight increase.

According to the report, the internal and external environment faced by China’s foreign trade development in 2013 may be slightly better than that in 2012, but there are still obstacles restricting the stable recovery of foreign trade. In the case of insufficient external demand, the impact of trade frictions on China’s exports continues to increase, and the task of transforming the mode of foreign trade development is more urgent. With the profound changes in the domestic and international environment, China’s foreign trade may be difficult to reproduce the sustained high-speed growth of previous years.

The report pointed out that in view of the severe and complex domestic and international environment, China’s foreign trade policy should continue to focus on stabilizing growth, adjusting structure and promoting balance. On the one hand, based on the current situation, we should closely track the changes of the situation to ensure that the policies and measures that have been issued are implemented in place. On the other hand, we should take a long-term view, make full use of the forced mechanism formed by the tightening market environment, accelerate the transformation of foreign trade development mode, and enhance the long-term development potential of foreign trade. At the same time, we should improve import policies, build more import promotion platforms, and promote the balanced development of foreign trade.

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