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Twitter, the world’s largest public dialogue platform, released “towards the world: report on Twitter’s leading brands in China going to sea in 2020” (hereinafter referred to as “the report”), and released “list of Twitter’s leading brands in China going to sea in 2020”. Based on the latest twitter big data, industry research, twitter experts’ opinions and brand success cases, the report interprets the changes of overseas market and user demand in the post epidemic era from multiple dimensions, and puts forward marketing action guidelines in combination with industry trend prediction, so as to help Chinese brands carry out dialogue with overseas users according to local conditions and reap the marketing achievements of “integration of product and effect”.

This is the second year in a row that Twitter has released the report. As more and more Chinese brands stand out in the fierce competition in overseas markets, this time, twitter joined hands with (E) of the British economist group Brandconnect has expanded its coverage to six major areas. On the basis of continuously focusing on the three advantages of technology, games and mobile Internet, it has introduced three new growth tracks, namely financial technology, automobile and advertising agency, demonstrating Twitter’s keen insight into market trends and its determination to continue to help Chinese brands expand global business.

Based on the overall competition pattern of the industry and the brand’s influence and marketing performance on the twitter platform (including content quality, update frequency, exposure and user interaction), the report reviews and selects the “2020 list of twitter China’s leading brands going to sea” – including not only the world-famous leading enterprises going to sea, but also gradually emerging in the global market The star of the future. The report also includes a wealth of industry research and the opinions of many twitter internal experts to reveal the changes in overseas market demand and the key to successful marketing; and with the successful cases of Chinese brands joining hands with Twitter in overseas marketing, it deeply analyzes how Chinese brands make use of Twitter’s unique advantages to connect with the target users with the highest overseas acceptance, so as to create a platform for overseas brands of various industries Customized, forward-looking trend insight and strategic guidance.

The report’s core insights and Twitter’s unique value to China’s overseas brands include:

·We should build an international brand in a localized way, carry out marketing promotion according to local conditions, and take the initiative to have a “down-to-earth” dialogue with overseas audiences. For example, FAW Group has successfully enhanced the visibility of its two major brands, red flag and Pentium, in the Middle East by working hand with Twitter to customize marketing strategies with great local insight. Based on their in-depth insight into consumers’ pursuit of high-quality life in the Middle East, the two sides customized the brand proposition of “more than choice” for Hongqi automobile, and delivered its brand spirit of innovation and technology attitude to the local audience; and created a topic label # turnbest # for Pentium brand, which fits the young image and attitude, and realized extensive interaction within the target audience.

·Make good use of new marketing forms and give full play to the online community appeal of opinion leaders (KOL) to reach a wider target audience. For example, when preparing for the launch of the world awakening in Japan, Lilis Games launched community interaction activities, cooperated with the twitter gamewith content sponsorship package, customized brand video content, took advantage of the influence of important local opinion leaders in Japan, effectively opened up the upper marketing funnel, won a solid user base and increased the ROI by 20%.

·Through a variety of twitter tools and differentiated advertising product portfolio, we can create a strong “digital image” of the enterprise. For example, during this year’s Baidu world 2020 conference, Baidu will focus on the “early technology tasters” on twitter, produce rich material and topic content for different stages of preheating, publishing, and continuous, and deploy various twitter effect tools to achieve outstanding results of 7.4 million shows.

“Twitter’s highly interactive advertising solutions provide a variety of choices for China’s overseas brands. Advertisers can customize the combination of marketing tools according to different promotion needs, so as to maximize the delivery target.” LAN Weilun, managing director of twitter Greater China, pointed out: “especially in the extraordinary period, enterprises are facing the challenges of reduced marketing budget and increased operational difficulty. Advertisers need to use effective channels to carry out marketing promotion in novel forms of communication. To this end, twitter continues to optimize and update its product portfolio to meet the latest trends and help advertisers have real-time conversations with target users to win global development. “

In addition, the report continued to launch the “Twitter global hot topics” section, sorting out and reviewing the hot topics and highlights related to entertainment, games and e-sports, mobile e-commerce and sports on twitter platform in 2020. Among them, the popularity of games and E-sports contributed more than 1 billion conversations to twitter in the first half of 2020, a record high. With the return of live broadcast of many sports events, sports fans all over the world turn to Twitter to watch live broadcast and participate in real-time community discussion. From May to June 2020, tweets related to “live discussion of sports events” soared by 32%. Among them, on the opening day of the National Football League (NFL), the number of video views on twitter reached 106 million, becoming the number one platform for viewing the event.

“Going Global: China’s leading twitter brand report 2020” summarizes the important global moments on twitter platform in 2020

“With the sea marketing stepping into the new normal, how to improve the anti risk marketing strategy and establish the emotional resonance with the target users has become the key for many sea enterprises to seek a breakthrough – this is the characteristics and advantages of twitter platform. As the preferred channel for overseas users to understand global trends and discuss hot topics, twitter generates more than 500 million tweets a day on average, which provides a fertile ground for brands to grasp the trend pulse of target consumers in real time and carry out leverage marketing, so as to achieve in-depth interaction. ” Zheng huijue, President of twitter Greater China, summed up: “looking back on the challenging year 2020, we are glad to see that China’s overseas brands, standing at the forefront of the era of change, respond to the trend with an open and flexible attitude and continue to take a steady step. Looking to the future, we are full of confidence in the momentum of Chinese brands going to sea. With the help of this report, we hope to inject inspiration into the new year’s planning of overseas brands and marketers, help Chinese brands develop new channels for business growth, and realize the vision of globalization. “

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