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According to altimeter’s state of digital marketing 2020, digital marketers have a clear vision of their priorities, although some of them use less than others.

It’s also the top priority to get the customer and the up sell

According to a survey of more than 450 digital marketers, due to covid-19, they are prioritizing customer retention in areas such as social media and e-commerce personalization. For the marketers surveyed, getting new customers is now the top priority of digital marketing, with about 40% of respondents making it the top three priorities.

Even so, digital marketers are focusing on existing customers: an almost equal proportion (39%) said increasing spending share and revenue from major customers was one of their top three priorities in the coming year.

The other top three goals include successful launch of new products or services (34%), building brand reputation / enhancing target attributes (31%) and increasing brand awareness (31%).

To achieve these goals, marketers surveyed are considering improving various features, with the majority (52%) hoping to improve the ability to personalize content, messaging, and experience based on different customer groups, roles, or unique identities. Four out of 10 respondents (42%) want to improve the performance of their digital media resources / channels (network, mobile, social, etc.), and 37% of them give priority to developing more effective segmentation for potential customer orientation.

Measuring success

To measure the success of digital marketing campaigns, about three-quarters of respondents (74%) track contact engagement in addition to using touch rate (e.g., click through, share, comment, register) as a key indicator.

Major challenges

Enterprises are facing challenges in the marketing process. Most respondents (52%) said that buying or integrating the right marketing technology platform was an obstacle. In addition, 51% of the respondents thought it was challenging to hire the right marketing talents.

The impact of covid

Despite the covid-19 pandemic, digital marketers still know their goals. In 2020, respondents estimate that digital marketing will receive 21-30% of marketing resources or 61-70% of marketing resources.

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