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Report on how to achieve sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region in the post epidemic Era From ESCAP

The following is the Report on how to achieve sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region in the post epidemic Era From ESCAP recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: global economy , research report.

The new coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic in 2019 caused the most serious crisis in Asia and the Pacific since the Second World War. Across the Asia Pacific region, countries have suffered sudden economic contraction, while trade disruption, supply chain disruption, and the collapse of international tourism have led to widespread job losses and increased poverty. The economic impact of the pandemic has exposed structural weaknesses and gaps in many countries – particularly in health and social protection systems, digital connectivity and skills, as well as the extent to which our production and consumption patterns undermine the environment. As countries work to stop the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, they also need to address those weaknesses – and rebuild better.

After the pandemic. Asia and the Pacific will rebuild better from the crisis. The thematic study of the 77th session of the economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific analysed the socio-economic impact of the epidemic on Asian and Pacific countries, assessed actions to date, and proposed a reconstruction policy agenda based on regional cooperation, which revolved around four interrelated key areas: expanding social protection, investing in sustainable recovery, and promoting sustainable development Strengthen connection and supply chain; And the relationship between repair and natural fracture.

Expanding social protection

Embed social protection in the national development agenda and allocate the necessary resources. As the basis of “no one left behind”, the government should mix the contributory and non contributory welfare schemes. They also need to expand the scope of social protection, include informal workers, and ensure that women and vulnerable groups are fully protected.

Invest in sustained recovery

Investing in sustained socio-economic recovery in line with sustainable development goals will require additional financial resources. To support long-term, resilient, inclusive and sustainable development, countries can reorient their spending away from non development areas, consider tax reform to reduce imbalances, support the climate agenda, and explore innovative financing tools. They can also advocate further debt relief measures and intensify the fight against tax evasion through regional and international cooperation.

Strengthening connectivity and supply chain

Resist protectionist actions and form regional solidarity to achieve a commensurate trade response. Increase support for trade facilitation, trade digitization, paperless and contactless trade development. Accelerate investment in digital and broadband connectivity. Improve the efficiency and sustainability of trade and transport processes through regionally coordinated investment in hard and soft infrastructure.

Relationship between repair and natural fracture

Engage all relevant actors through a regional earth health agenda to implement the institutional, economic structural and behavioral changes needed to better manage human and environmental health.

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