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Report on long term opportunities for inclusiveness From 5g prospect series

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The report “5g outlook series: long term opportunities for inclusiveness” released by the world economic forum said that 5g will have a profound impact on promoting industrial upgrading, strengthening social cohesion and inclusiveness, and promoting national economic development and employment in the post epidemic era. The report puts forward nine long-term development opportunities for 5g technology, including 5g for mobile life services such as remote operation, driverless driving and intelligent service; for field operation automation such as intelligent monitoring, update management technology and self-service robot; for community life improvement such as democratization, regionalization and interaction to increase the use of resources. The report summarizes five important views on 5g technology, including strong 5g infrastructure is the foundation of inclusive economic growth in the future, 5g has the potential to bridge the digital divide, the development of public-private partnership is crucial to the development of 5g technology, countries need cross industry investment and strategy to use 5g technology, 5g will release the potential of cloud, artificial intelligence, edge computing, etc.

The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to digital technology, while using digital tools and skills, giving us greater flexibility and resilience to deal with future risks and uncertainties. 5g plays a crucial role in the new era. It connects data, which can better personalize and predict our needs than ever before. When we need to restore economic growth, this report “5g outlook series: creating inclusive long-term opportunities” outlines specific opportunities that can be grasped to ensure that 5g plays its role as the primary enabling technology for the benefit of mankind, enterprises and society.

The global challenges that 2020 will bring are unpredictable or experienced by any of us. Companies and governments have adopted digital technology in a few weeks, and through the use of digital tools and skills, they have survived the epidemic crisis, giving us more flexibility and resilience to deal with the uncertainty in the future, no matter what form it may take.

This transformation to digital technology promotes the thinking of 5g’s role in the global post epidemic period. Given that 5g is the first mobile network designed to connect a large number of devices other than humans, 5g offers a core opportunity for digitization as the world emerges from the global pandemic.

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