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Report on smart speakers in 2021 From Voicebot

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According to the latest voicebot survey, the number of consumers who want to buy their first smart speaker this year or next year has fallen sharply. In 2020, this figure is about one third less than the previous year.

However, even the expected growth based on the historical model will increase the penetration rate of smart speakers by 9% %- seventeen % To reach 37 . four %- forty . four % Market penetration. The reality is that the penetration rate of smart speakers in the United States has increased from 34% in early 2020 . four % Up to 35% in January 2021 . 0 % , an increase of less than 2 %。

The new crown also affects the use of smart speakers

More than 28% of the respondents used smart speakers “more”, and nearly 60% of the respondents reduced the use of smart speakers.

Intelligent display time

Last year, the most dazzling bright spot in the field of intelligent speakers was undoubtedly the intelligent display. In January 2020, 16.5% of smart speaker users have at least one speaker with smart display, such as echo show, Google nest hub or face book portal. Nine months later, 24.1% of smart speaker users have smart screens after months of government enforced stay orders and travel restrictions. The proportion rose to 25.8% in the fourth quarter.

Smart speakers take on a new look

In 2020, Amazon echo will become a sphere from a cylinder it has kept for six years. Google home was originally a cylinder, but now it’s a rectangle more like Google home max.

And apple, which eventually launched a lower cost home pod mini, which costs less than $100 and looks like a flat sphere with a layer at the bottom and top.

The adoption of smart speakers is still in its early days

Technology adoption lifecycle (TAC) or technology diffusion model is an effective method to analyze product and service maturity. The important factor is that the model groups the market segments according to the time when consumers adopt a certain technology, and provides a method to distinguish the most common consumers in the market segments.

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