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Today is the winter solstice of 2020.

In such a cold day, juliangsuan, together with the data platform of fashion group and the new media division, released the 2020 report on the development of domestic brand power.

We hope to describe the golden age of domestic products through such a content, and also hope to work with many domestic brands that are ready to develop in this winter to wait for spring and flowers to bloom.

Insight into emotions: the secret to success of domestic brands

What is the secret of the success of domestic brands?

We selected the major domestic consumer products with high sales in the mainstream e-commerce platform, and the domestic brands with high voice in the key content platform and public opinion platform for analysis, and explored the secret of the success of these domestic products.

With the increasing income of Chinese consumers, their basic goal of consumption is gradually changing from the material satisfaction brought by specific commodities to a kind of spiritual demand, or emotional expression. For China’s consumer market in 2020, spiritual and emotional satisfaction is increasingly playing a decisive role in consumers’ decision-making, and the era of emotional consumption may have come.

The arrival of the era of emotional consumption means that consumers’ needs will be more elusive. They may not be able to express their goals and requirements in consumption completely and concretely as before. Instead, they will have some emotions and feelings that need to be satisfied.

This puts forward higher requirements for brands in consumer research, but at the same time, for a considerable number of domestic brands in the forefront of the times, it also means a new round of rare development opportunities. In such an era of emotional consumption, only to understand consumers is not enough to meet the requirements of the times.

The central position of consumers is being further emphasized and highlighted. The traditional triangle relationship between people and freight yards can no longer describe the relationship between users, products and channels in the new technology and new environment. Instead, it is a human-centered circle in which goods and yards develop in coordination with users. In such a process that consumers’ needs are constantly being explored, the interaction between goods and yards is becoming more harmonious and close.

For the successful domestic brands, most of them have established or are establishing a consumption ecosystem of freight yard integration: providing different goods according to the characteristics of channels to provide better experience for consumption; at the same time, configuring different types of sales strategies according to the characteristics of goods in each consumption channel, and forming a surrounding environment through the combination of goods and yards People around the consumer environment, and then in this environment continue to promote category innovation and product updates.

Such an attempt not only satisfies consumers’ emotions, but also creates new consumption needs for them, which brings more consumption scenarios for the brand and ultimately promotes the success of the brand.

Behind these success lies a more thorough understanding of Chinese consumer sentiment by domestic brands due to their natural advantages in the center of Chinese consumer market. It is also an important change in their business logic from understanding user needs and providing corresponding products to insight into user sentiment and creating new consumer needs and scenarios.

The results show that healthy feeling, sense of quality and sense of fashion are the most desired feelings of Chinese consumers through consumption. In addition, the sense of satisfaction, aesthetic feeling and self-confidence, national pride and sense of mission, sense of efficiency, sense of exclusivity and differentiation brought by sharing are also the elements that Chinese consumers pay more attention to in current consumption.

When we observe the success of domestic brands with the emotions and feelings we need to obtain, we will find that the pioneers of domestic brands have gone a long way on the road of insight into consumers’ emotions. Most of them are just because they provide products and services that can directly reach the hearts of consumers, and meet their spiritual pursuit in consumption, they begin to embark on the road of brand take-off.

Evaluation system of domestic brand power: set sail in China

Brand power refers to the degree to which the image of a brand in the eyes of consumers affects their purchase decisions. In the traditional sense, brand power means the organic unity of popularity, reputation and integrity.

We summarize the key to the success of the pioneers of domestic brands in the new consumption environment, and hope to develop an evaluation system more in line with the Chinese market and the situation of Chinese consumers on the basis of the original, so as to better measure whether the brand can well meet the very important emotional needs of consumers.

Based on the three most important types of content shown in the survey results, the current emotional needs of consumers will be analyzed from three dimensions: scene, novelty and popularity. In addition to the emotional needs, the popularity and reputation in the previous standards are still very important indicators to reflect the brand image. Many domestic brands are also booming in the market competition, so we define the performance of brands in these dimensions as “growth”. (Growth)

At the same time, we can’t ignore the value of channel in brand communication. Consumers’ emotional demand for purchasing efficiency also proves this. Therefore, whether the brand can flexibly use new forms of media combination for communication, and whether it can give full play to the driving power of marketing science on the brand, will also be included in the index system to investigate the brand power of domestic products. (Channel)

This index system will become an important evaluation standard of domestic brand power, because it not only takes into account the classic brand power evaluation index, but also complements and improves the measurement dimension in combination with the changes of current consumer psychological needs.

Through such an evaluation system, we hope that Chinese enterprises can get some valuable inspiration and thinking in brand building. With this wonderful expectation, it will also have a resounding name – sailing China (CN. GPS).

This research group will not give any qualitative and quantitative evaluation on the brand by using the qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria of Sinochem The exhibition situation.

In the future, the evaluation rules under each segmentation dimension will also reflect the influence of the brand market on the consumer side more timely and vividly with the continuous evolution of consumers’ emotional needs.

“Set sail China” domestic brand power ranking 2020

We selected the brands with high sales volume and high public opinion of domestic clothing, cosmetics, skin care, food, beverage and electronic products e-commerce platforms, as well as some typical domestic automobile brands as the first batch of brands to be selected.

The first evaluation represents the performance of these brands from January to September 2020. We also hope that this list can cover more domestic brands in the near future, especially the domestic brands in the development stage, and help more domestic brands to succeed.

The power of leading brand marketing in the subdivision dimension

Compared with foreign multinational enterprises, Chinese brands have inherent geographical advantages in local marketing, and the shorter decision-making links derived from geographical advantages will help Chinese brands to succeed. Because the shorter decision-making link means that the brand explores the possibility of marketing innovation more deeply, and carries the content of marketing innovation faster product iteration and more efficient strategic transformation.

We are in a decentralized media environment. The decentralized media environment means lower creative cost, more popular opportunities and more open market, which also brings opportunities to many Chinese brands, especially those that have not yet established a leading position in the industry.

In such a media environment, the significance of the platform for the brand has been extended. Because the decentralized media environment means that brands need to produce a lot of decentralized content and creativity. In this process, in addition to the original media properties, the platform also gives the brand the ability to create a large number of decentralized content in a short time.

Every day, massive engine related platforms produce about 700000 different marketing ideas, which form different parts of the content pyramid. The contemporary content platform can realize the content creation system of brand, talent and user, which makes the decentralized communication of brand possible. With the help of shorter decision-making links, the decentralized communication content system will bring faster user feedback and more product inspiration to brands, and create unlimited possibilities for the accelerated evolution of domestic brands.

The pyramid of massive engine brand content describes the distribution of resources that massive engine can provide for the brand. In addition to the breadth, the content standing at the top of the pyramid is still the core expression of the brand concept. The style and tonality of this part of the content represent the brand positioning and the keynote of the brand story, and express the image that the brand hopes to shape in the eyes of consumers.

It will be a key step to build a successful brand in China.

At the same time, whether we can choose the right media to spread the brand image and concept will largely determine the final effect of brand communication. Different types of media have different characteristics. Through the reasonable combination and application of different media characteristics, the brand will better realize the organic combination of communication quality and communication effect.

There is also a blue ocean in the red sea of media. Corresponding to the endless stream of subdivision tracks in products, China’s media are adapting to the personalized needs of large consumer groups with rapid changes and richer forms.

Personalized media not only brings personalized experience to consumers, but also provides enterprises with more detailed ways and opportunities to show brand culture and brand connotation. It can be judged that in the future, in a more substantial media environment, new media meeting the decentralization standards will continue to be incubated, which will also bring more space for the expression of domestic brands.

golden age

China’s new generation group’s subculture vision, the high consumption power of middle-income families, the rapidly changing emotional needs of consumers and their increasingly positive attitude towards domestic products have ushered in a new era in the wave of manufacturing upgrading: from mass consumption to circle consumption, from consumption upgrading to enterprise upgrading, and the intersection of the two groups It will create more opportunities for domestic brands to control the middle and high-end demand.

After that, excellent domestic brands are expected to develop from point to area. More and more high-quality Chinese goods will move from the domestic market to a broader stage. The realization of scale and industrialization of China’s creation will also completely discard consumers’ negative impression of domestic goods in the past.

It is a good vision for the future development of domestic brands to build a world-class brand. The expansion of brand positioning from the practical scene to the high-end scene, the fine management in the direction of supply chain, and the further intensive cultivation in the marketing link will become an important force for the greater success of domestic brand exploration.

The word “future” is always full of expectations, and domestic brands are firmly on the way to the golden age.

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