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Report on the development of microblog users in 2020

The following is the Report on the development of microblog users in 2020 recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: China microblog service, micro-blog, research report.

Weibo 2020 user development report is coming out. In Weibo, we pay close attention to social events and share and record daily things at any time.

People’s hot spots emerge one after another

In 2020, hot spots will emerge one after another. From living in isolation at home to being unsealed in Wuhan, from the two sessions to the college entrance examination, from the Chinese New Year’s Eve to the new year’s Eve, from the riots in the United States to the general election in the United States, we pay attention to, discuss, express our position with expression packs, and share and record our lives at any time.

The trend of youth is irresistible

In 2020, microblog users will be younger, with the post-90s and post-90s accounting for nearly 80%. In the process of passionate creation and interaction, network catchwords such as cloud supervisor, migrant workers, Versailles literature and the first cup of milk tea in autumn burst out of the circle. In the process of enthusiastic sharing and discussion, snail powder dominated the list with all kinds of topics.

Microblog public discussion attribute highlights

In 2020, government microblog and media microblog will become authoritative voice and positive energy. During the epidemic period, 37000 government microblogs and more than 3000 media microblogs released 6.076 million authoritative information and launched 30000 live broadcasts of the epidemic. At present, the total number of fans of government microblog has exceeded 3 billion, and the annual reading volume of media microblog has exceeded 6.68 billion.

Micro blog promotes the popularization of public welfare

In 2020, public welfare for all will become a fashion. 17.86 million microblog users will donate more than 141 million yuan to 1544 public welfare projects through the platform, nearly half of which will be donated by star fans.

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