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Report on the era of digital culture and economy From Integration of culture and technology 2021

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In 2020, novel coronavirus pneumonia was pressed by the acceleration process of cultural technology integration. Many cultural enterprises relying on entity scenes had accidentally discovered a new territory, which was originally accelerated by self rescue and went to the Internet. The original digital culture industry was accelerating growth, scale increased, scope expanded and the benefit was remarkable.

In this year, “digital industrialization and industrial digitization” has become the focus of China’s economic development. The theory and mode of the integration of culture and science and technology have been further implemented as application scenarios. The digital cultural industry has re issued central level policies. New products, new formats and new modes are constantly emerging. The outline of new features, new logic and new pattern is gradually emerging, and even the changes in many fields are difficult to describe in a word of “new”. Consensus and cheering, doubt and questioning accompanied.

Based on the consensus on the characteristics, current situation and trend of the integration of culture and technology, Tencent Research Institute, Tencent 5g ecological plan and cultural and Creative Development Research Institute of Tsinghua University jointly launched the “exploration plan 2020” in August 2020 to collect and select excellent enterprise cases in the field of cultural and technological integration, explore innovation paths and gather industry consensus.

No matter from the independent exploration of enterprises in the case of “exploration plan 2020”, or the external guidance of China’s national strategy, and the upgrading requirements of global cultural competition pattern, the project team believes that the integration of culture and technology has a more profound significance in the situation of “great changes not seen in a century” – culture and technology will interweave to form an organic whole of a country’s comprehensive strength With the help of science and technology, cultural heritage will become the driving force for the development of national economy and culture.

Based on the research and judgment of the current development level, external environment and internal mode of cultural and scientific integration, this report puts forward the conclusion that cultural and scientific integration has entered the era of “digital cultural economy”.

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