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Report on the live broadcast trend of xiaohongshu e-commerce in 2021 From Thousand melon data

The following is the Report on the live broadcast trend of xiaohongshu e-commerce in 2021 From Thousand melon data recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: research report, Webcast.

Xiaohongshu e-commerce live shows a strong consumption upgrading trend.

On the basis of maintaining high customer price, commodity categories develop rapidly to the whole industry. More than 5% of the live broadcast rooms of clothing, food, mother and baby products were put on the shelves.

Because the unit price of FMCG products is relatively low, but the consumption frequency is high, and there are no technical barriers, the quality control is relatively stable, and the trial and error cost of consumers to change their habitual brands is low, which is the main way for anchors and users to build trust through new purchase.

But the price advantage is not the only selling point of little red book live.

Take the beauty industry as an example, the users of xiaohongshu who have economic advantages are willing to try new color makeup products, but generally put forward higher requirements for skin care products, and are willing to pay the corresponding safety premium.

Brand businesses should pay more attention to the safety threshold and fashion attributes of little red book users, and improve the product attributes and concept construction based on the characteristics of little red book users.

Qiangua data exclusively launched the “report on the live broadcasting trend of xiaohongshu e-commerce in 2021”. Based on the live broadcasting data of xiaohongshu during the Spring Festival in 2020, through the live broadcasting data overview, brand self operation exploration, live audience portrait, live broadcast insight and other aspects, this paper analyzes the live broadcasting data of xiaohongshu, and looks forward to the live broadcasting trend and solutions of xiaohongshu e-commerce in 2021.

Hope to provide reference for the majority of qiangua users in xiaohongshu content creation, xiaohongshu brand marketing operation, and better help you carry out xiaohongshu data analysis and xiaohongshu brand operation.

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