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Report on the new era of living alone in 2021 From Shell Research Institute

The following is the Report on the new era of living alone in 2021 From Shell Research Institute recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: Consumer research, Life data, research report.

The report analyzes the current growth trend, structural characteristics and living patterns of contemporary people living alone, and points out that the population living alone is younger and the urban distribution is more concentrated. In 2010, nearly 50% of the young people aged 20-49 live alone, and the number of urban people living alone is increasing rapidly. Nearly 40% of the people living alone live in cities, Nearly 30% of the people living alone are concentrated in cities with top 20 people living alone. By 2030, the number of people living alone may reach 150-200 million, and the rate of living alone may exceed 30%.

According to the report, with the increase of the number of people living alone and the change of the youth structure, the new era of living alone is gradually coming. The new era of living alone presents the characteristics of “gathering, socializing and diversification” – the people living alone will gather in the core cities of each urban agglomeration, mainly concentrated in 10-20 cities, such as the first tier cities and the second tier cities; The space is socialized, so that people who live alone enjoy being alone and socialize at the same time. They live alone but not alone; In the future, there will be multi-level products and services of living alone, covering small apartment products and living services with different price levels, and the economy of living alone will develop rapidly.

The increase of the number of people living alone will bring about the change of living space, and the housing market will face the challenge of mismatch of supply and service. Combined with the background of the change of people living alone, if people who choose to live alone actively outline a living portrait and pursue the freedom and privacy of living space, keywords such as “gather in the first and second tier cities”, “favor low price, low rent small house type”, “quality of living experience”, “high social demand” appear frequently.

The report points out that in the old era of living alone, the supply of residential products and living services was mainly based on family demand. In the new era of living alone, we will build a living industry chain around the needs of the people living alone, form a rich level of quality living alone community, and cover people of different ages and income groups living alone.

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