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Report on the significance of coastal resource management to sustainable blue economy in 2021 From United Nations Environment Programme

The following is the Report on the significance of coastal resource management to sustainable blue economy in 2021 From United Nations Environment Programme recommended by And this article belongs to the classification: global economy , research report.

The ocean covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface. The ocean system is not only the support carrier of the earth’s life and human well-being, but also the regulator of climate. But the future of the ocean is at stake. Marine biodiversity is being seriously lost due to over exploitation, pollution and climate change. Today, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) released a report entitled “the significance of coastal resource governance to sustainable blue economy”, which aims to promote countries to strengthen the coordination between land-based activities governance and marine resource governance, and establish more comprehensive and effective marine management and sustainable marine economy.

According to the report, land-based activities have the greatest impact on coastal biological resources, especially agriculture, ports and aquaculture. All components of the ocean based blue economy are vulnerable to changes in coastal resources, especially fishing, aquaculture and tourism. The pace of transition to a sustainable blue economy may be hindered by the negative impact of land-based activities on coastal resources. Therefore, the governance of land-based activities is crucial to the realization of a sustainable blue economy.

The report provides policy makers with specific plans on how to strengthen the existing land and sea governance structure, as well as new insights on land and sea resource governance strategies. According to the report, countries should take ecosystem based management as the guiding principle of coastal resource governance, so that all impacts on coastal resources can be considered comprehensively, and existing regional management tools, which have been improved and adjusted, can be used to cope with the impact of land-based activities on coastal resources (such as marine protected areas, marine spatial planning Integrated land use planning and integrated coastal management). The protection of natural capital on land and at sea is a unified principle. Coastal governance should focus on the link between a variety of land-based activities and coastal resources, and develop a regional regulatory framework.

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