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Rereading and deconstructing the fourth consumption age From The third consumption era in China

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The first consumption era is just entering the industrial revolution. In big cities, a few people begin to consume modern products, which is only the privilege of a few people. The second consumption era is the continuation of the first consumption era, with the expansion of the scale. The economy has entered a period of rapid development. The baby boom has begun to double its income, and large-scale industrial products have begun to enter thousands of households, such as TV sets, refrigerators and washing machines And the automobile as the representative, leading the consumption trend, you have I also want to have, to be bigger, all consumption to the family as the unit;

In the third consumption era, after a period of high-speed development, the economy has entered a period of medium speed development, and the baby boomers’ children have grown up, become natural consumers, and begin to seek differentiation and individuation. The consumer body has changed from family members to individuals, who want famous brands, pursue quality, and pursue more services, not just goods. In the fourth consumption era, when the baby boomers enter the old age, the whole society will grow up The society also entered the old age society, economic development stagnated, and the “new poor” began to reflect on consumption and return to nature, promoting the rise of Muji, UNIQLO and other brands, and the sharing economy prevailed.

The four consumption times do not advance and replace gradually, but exist at the same time. However, they have different proportions in consumption and lead the consumption trend respectively. The root of the change is the income difference caused by the speed of economic development, and the two-level differentiation of consumption caused by class differentiation. In the period of rapid economic development, incomes are rising rapidly, consumption power is full, modern appliances are flying into common people’s homes, the two generation has come into contact with new things from childhood, pursuing individuality, and finally wantonly profligate in the bubble period. After the bubble has broken, it has entered the twenty years of disappearance. Marriage, rental life, various small groups to carry out activities, leading consumption.

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