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In terms of gender, male consumers were the main group, accounting for 64%, while female consumers increased by 5% year on year, accounting for 36%;

In terms of age, the number of people under 24 increased by 12% year-on-year, accounting for 30%, while the number of people aged 25-34 increased slightly, accounting for 39%.

From the perspective of car models, women prefer delicate and comfortable cars, men prefer business MPV, SUV is concerned by both male and female consumers; women prefer German cars, while men prefer independent and Japanese cars.

Compared with the change of regional attention of automobile consumers in 2019 and 2020, the new first tier cities ranked first, steadily increased the attention of automobile, and transferred to low tier cities, with significant demand sinking characteristics, especially the rapid growth of attention of fifth tier cities.

Compared with the first and second tier markets, people in the sinking market are less likely to be affected by price factors; in the purchase decision-making, people in the sinking market pay more attention to factors such as automobile platform and word-of-mouth.

From the perspective of good-looking car series, the new first-line German series takes the lead, the first-line American Series stands out, the second-line Japanese series has more advantages, and the independent brands take the lead in the sinking market; the top 5 brands in the first tier cities are basically German Japanese brands, but the independent brands in the fifth tier cities are more prominent.

In terms of good-looking models, MPV, SUV and pick-up trucks sink significantly, and pick-up trucks are also favored by users in the second line; cars maintain an advantage in the second line, and vans attract much attention in the new first / second line due to the hot stalls.

The preference of consumption price is positively related to the level of regional economy; the sinking population prefers 20W below models, and 10-20W preference is especially significant.

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