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Research on leisure food brand industry in 2021 From Facing the Academy

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Market overview of leisure food industry

China’s leisure food market has a large scale, and the average annual compound growth rate has reached double digits. The average annual compound growth rate is 11.96% from 2015 to 2019. In 2020, China’s leisure food market is expected to reach 1298.4 billion yuan, but the growth rate of the overall market scale is slowing down, and the market saturation is gradually increasing.

In terms of categories, the traditional Tangqiao honey (candy, chocolate, preserves) category accounted for the largest market share in leisure food, accounting for 31.95%, followed by baked cakes, puffed food, leisure marinated products, nuts fried goods, biscuits and others. Among them, the average annual compound growth rate of leisure marinated category was the fastest, with an average annual compound growth rate of 15-2019 8%, which still has great market potential.

From the perspective of users, with the improvement of per capita income and the continuous upgrading of consumption, the consumption demand of users is more and more diversified. The trend of leisure snack consumption is from “can eat enough” to “can eat well”, and the consumption demand is from ladder to flat. From the four aspects of function supply, sensory stimulation, time and space emotion, identity and belonging, this paper summarizes the four characteristics of user consumption: taste Quality consumption, sensory consumption, emotional consumption, symbol consumption. With the younger structure and diversified demand of leisure snack consumers, the categories of leisure food will be more abundant, and there is still much room for improvement in the future.

From the perspective of consumption trend, food brands are enjoying new channel dividends and opening up new consumer markets.

In terms of channels, most of the leisure food is sealed and packaged, which is easy to store and transport, and has a high degree of adaptability with e-commerce channels. In 2015-19, the penetration rate of leisure food e-commerce increased from 3% to 12%. In the post epidemic era, the development of online channels is intensified, and in the long run, the penetration rate of e-commerce still has great room to improve.

With the help of channel dividend, new food brands have opened up a blue ocean track from the traditional food industry giants’ share through the strong content marketing of social platform, and continue to increase the number of users, forming a new consumer market with great potential.

Of course, it also requires the brand to further subdivide the target customer groups to meet the personalized needs of different users, and actively broaden the consumption scene, pay more attention to brand marketing to develop new growth points. For example, we should develop products with rich taste but convenient and fast to meet the needs of staying at home to enjoy a big meal; for example, we should also introduce nut meal substitute powder for white-collar workers to keep fit and lose weight, so as to meet their needs of high protein and low calorie intake.

Analysis on the marketing characteristics of three kinds of leisure food brands

Classic national brand

Any brand, only quickly adapt to the changes of the times and the change of consumer groups, can “respond to changes with constancy”. Classic snack brands Weilong, Wangwang and dabaitu have all experienced the life course of great fever, Dilemma and rebirth.

Weilong has created the brand image of “quality spicy bar” in the chaos of the industry, broken the grassroots food class, and become the representative of “can play” among the young population.

Wangwang is committed to brand rejuvenation and IP. With the advantage of accompanying the growth of consumers, Wangwang is able to meet the preferences of young consumers and enrich the meaning of IP on the one hand, so as to create diversity for the brand image.

Big white rabbit will play the emotional consumption to the extreme, take the milk candy as the center, strengthen the sense of brand existence by choosing the joint names of taste, smell and other five senses, establish emotional links with consumers, and cultivate the loyalty of young users.

From the perspective of the social media layout of the three classic national brands, in the number distribution of the related content of the three classic national brands from July to December, the social media volume of the three brands is very considerable, with 10000 related content, and the most outstanding performance is in December. Among them, the number of big white rabbit and Wangwang is similar and far more than that of Weilong, while Wangwang has the best interaction effect and better promotion effect.

In terms of sub platforms, the promotion of the three classic national brand social media mainly focuses on wechat and microblog. Among them, the main camp of big white rabbit is wechat, with the number of related content exceeding 76%, while Weilong and Wangwang are more concentrated in microblog, with 71% of Weilong microblog related content and 77% of Wangwang.

In addition, Wang Tsai has a considerable layout in the shaking, and the number of related tiktok reaches 13%. This is an official account with the users of the “Wang Zi club”.

From the tiktok layout, the three brands have Taobao live broadcast, Kwai, and fast hands, but the center of gravity is different.

Wei long tiktok in Taobao live, shaking tiktok double platform, the entire platform is broadcast live more than 8 thousand times a month, of which Taobao live broadcast breaking 20 thousand, and live 22 thousand live. The total number of live shows of big white rabbit is less than that of Taobao, but no more than 5000. Wangwang’s Kwai Wan tiktok has over 6 thousand live broadcast sites, with Taobao’s live broadcast, with nearly 30 thousand live broadcast sites, and a few live broadcast of the live and short live platforms. It also exceeds 3 thousand games.

Kwai Wan sales of Taobao live a breakthrough of 200 million, of which, in December, the sales of the Dragon sales exceeded 50 million, and sales of the Dragon sales exceeded 50 million. The sales of the three brands were not surpassed by 100 million yuan, and the sales volume of Wangwang was the first, exceeding 6 million. The fast selling platform, the three brands of live broadcast sales were all broken through, and the tiktok was 70 million, and the white rabbit and Wangwang were both over 10 million. Although Kwai Kwai’s three brands are not fast broadcast live, but the live broadcast is good, close to the fast user’s preferences, brand has a good development space in the Kwai Fu.

In addition to the social media and live broadcast layout, the actions of the three classic national brands in cross-border co branding and offline activities are also eye-catching. Through high-frequency brand activities, they give the old brands a younger and interesting image, and enhance the sense of brand existence and the long tail effect of marketing.

Top three snacks

Three top three snack brands, three squirrels, liangpin shop and baicaowei, all improve product production efficiency from the perspective of supply chain, and actively arrange online and offline channels to provide fresh and healthy snacks for users.

In terms of positioning, the three brands are slightly different

Three squirrels, create cute cartoon image IP, and strengthen the IP image through offline stores, dolls, squirrel town paradise, etc., and launch four sub brands to have an all-round insight into users’ needs, strengthen users’ long-term operation, and enhance users’ stickiness;

Liangpin shop creates high-end snack brand image, carries out scene marketing through high-frequency implantation of high-quality movies and TV plays, improves brand voice and widens user circle;

Baicaowei, a famous snack brand with high performance price ratio, has launched its sub brand “night companion Xiaolu” to meet the needs of Z generation and cutting-edge white-collar workers, aiming at the late night meat stewed snack market.

In the distribution of social media marketing promotion of top three snack brands, micro blog and wechat become the main battlefield, and the double micro voice of three squirrels accounts for a relatively balanced proportion. Liangpinpuzi and baicaowei micro blog put more efforts than wechat.

In the emerging channel layout, the three squirrels account for higher volume of sound than tiktok and 100 herbs. In the second half of 2020, the three squirrels have the largest amount of social media interaction, the amount of social media voice and the number of associated bloggers are higher than the average level, and the influence of social media marketing promotion is higher than that of liangpin shop and baicaowei.

The layout of live broadcasting platform: three squirrels and parcour taste are evenly balanced, and the live broadcast of Taobao is over 40%, and the key parts of the good shop are tiktok live broadcast.

Three Kwai tiktok live broadcast live Taobao live platform 7000-8000 times in the live broadcast, tiktok live broadcast sales exceeded 14 million, Taobao live broadcast monthly sales volume of over 700 thousand, fast hand platform monthly live broadcast of 1000 times, live month sales volume of 8 million.

Taobao Kwai live tiktok live more than 6600 live broadcast, over 8 million 700 thousand live broadcast month sales, and the monthly live broadcast of the monthly voice over 3000 times, the total sales volume of live broadcast exceeds 500 thousand, the monthly average of live broadcast is nearly 600, and the monthly sales of live broadcast exceed 1 million 200 thousand.

Kwai tiktok Taobao live broadcast live more than 7000 live broadcast, monthly live broadcast sales exceeded 10 million; jitter monthly live broadcast of 6000 times, monthly live broadcast sales exceeded 1 million; quick hand monthly live broadcast of 2000 times, and monthly live broadcast sales exceeded 5 million 900 thousand.

More details about the top three snack marketing can be found in the full version of the report, and you can get it by replying to “food” in the background.

New brand

Behind the rise of new consumer brands is the change of consumer groups. The pursuit of consumers for food is more diversified. Convenient, healthy, high-quality and diversified food is more favored by users.

Yungeng Wuzuo cuts into brown sugar, a subdivision category with category but no brand, creates brand memory points with “warm” as the brand symbol, and obtains users’ trust and opens up brand voice through quality brown sugar market education;

Seizing the blue ocean market of single people, zihi hotpot innovates to cut into the subdivision category of hotpot on the basis of convenient food, creates popular self heating hotpot, and gradually enriches the product line to meet the needs of users to quickly enjoy food with rich taste;

Fit8 catches users’ demands of pursuing health and reducing fat, and quickly gets users’ favor with the help of various tastes.

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