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The report selects 20 types of mobile phone app of 20 mainstream automobile brands in the market, including 3 new automobile making brands, 7 independent brands, 5 joint venture brands, and 5 luxury brands; it focuses on four directions of “use behavior habits”, “quality problem performance”, “use satisfaction”, “user needs and preferences”, and“ From the five dimensions of control / monitoring, ecological service, social forum, operation experience and system security, the weighted calculation of user survey and real vehicle evaluation results is carried out to draw conclusions and analyze the trend, which helps the host plant to launch products that meet the needs of users, and also provides a reference for consumers to select and purchase cars.

Strong links to car control, service and social networking

At present, the number of smart phone users in China has reached 780 million. Intelligent terminals aggregate a large number of traditional functions. As far as the automobile industry is concerned, automobile enterprises have realized various functions, such as car control, service and social networking, with the help of vehicle engine system and app, so as to gather traffic in “private domain”.

In recent years, the new car loading rate of intelligent vehicle service is increasing year by year. According to the research, the average carrying rate of the industry is 65.1%. Among them, the pace of independent brands is greater, and the carrying rate of individual brand models even reaches 100%.

Smart car app not only provides technology and convenience to consumers, but also exposes some problems that fail to meet their expectations. According to the study, such complaints will continue to grow rapidly in 2020, reaching 332. Among them, “the function cannot be used” accounted for 40.2%, and the proportion of “unreasonable annual service charge” accounted for more than 10%.

New force users have outstanding thinking advantages

According to the research, the average number of problems in a single app industry is 4.3. The best performance is the new forces of car making, with an average number of problems of only 2.7, and the number of problems of independent brands and luxury brands are more than the average. In addition, the number of problems of independent, joint venture and luxury brands is the least and the most scattered.

In terms of user satisfaction, the average score of the industry is 7.6 (10 points system), only the score of new forces of car making is higher than the average. Although the performance of independent, joint venture and luxury brands are lower than the industry average, they are similar, but the lowest score of individual brands is 5.9, which is not up to the pass line.

In the evaluation of real vehicles, the average score of the industry is 54.6 points (percentage system). The new forces of car manufacturing continue to take the lead, with high functional comprehensiveness and realization degree. The performance of independent brands is also better than the average. The disadvantage of luxury brands is mainly due to insufficient comprehensiveness.

Specific to the scoring rate of each module in the real vehicle evaluation, the new force of car making can achieve the leading performance in five dimensions, especially in the operation of Social Forum. In the rest of the brand division, the system security performance of independent and joint venture is better, but the social function closed loop of the former is a short board; luxury brands need to improve more areas.

Only when the trend is clear can we go deep into the scene

Through the realization of social networking, remote vehicle control, ecological services and other functions, the smart car app can not only enhance customer stickiness, transfer information, but also facilitate the operation of the vehicle for customers, and provide customers with appointment and value-added services. It will be the first area for consumers to perceive the four modernizations of automobiles, and it will also be a valuable source of data assets for automobile enterprises.

The research suggests that automobile enterprises should improve the function and ecology of smart car app from the following five aspects: 1. Fully integrate and create super app to enhance online service stickiness with strong function demand; 2. From single ecology to big interconnection, host plants, suppliers, dealers and the third party cooperate to deeply open up the data chain; 3. Create a digital after-sales service with its own app as the core and user as the center Service system; 4. Build a multi-dimensional and efficient online feedback system to form a closed-loop to eliminate users’ complaints in the bud; 5. Establish and improve the integral system, so that consumers can get tangible benefits and form stickiness at the same time.

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