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Research Report on China’s automobile industry in 2021 From 360 smart business

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With the end of the 2021 Shanghai auto show, the ecology of the auto industry today has been almost at a glance. Just as the theme of this auto show embracing change, today’s auto industry is facing an unprecedented new situation——

After a hundred years of development, the potential of traditional power fuel has been exhausted, and automobile electrification has become the general trend. At the same time, intelligence has become an important topic in the automotive industry. Before that, Baidu and Xiaomi solemnly announced that Huawei and Dajiang, two “uninvited guests” at the auto show, announced that they would join the war, “car making” has become an important link in the ecological layout of science and technology brands.

What will be the performance and development prospect of China’s auto industry in 2021? 360 smart business recently released the “Research Report on China’s automobile industry in 2021” (hereinafter referred to as the “report”), pointing out that there is significant differentiation and differentiation, and refinement is the key.

The consumption capacity is stable, and the auto market shows a new trend after the recovery of the epidemic

In 2020, China will account for 32.5% of the world’s total automobile output, ranking first in the world with a total output of 25.72 million. It can be said that the steady rise of the automobile industry in recent years has not only made China an important automobile market in the world, but also become the main battlefield of the automobile industry.

Throughout the whole industry, significant differentiation, differentiation and refinement have become the key to the success of the automotive industry.

Among them, we have to mention the impact of the 2020 epidemic on the automobile industry – the inconvenience of public transportation makes buying a car a rigid need for many families. Under the impact of the epidemic, the consumption habits and concepts of ordinary people also change.

On the one hand, the pursuit of more cost-effective and high quality, more cost-effective SUV has become the first choice for families to buy cars; The market share of German automobile, which has a better reputation, has increased significantly.

On the other hand, the refined operation and incremental potential of luxury car market are further stimulated, and the sales volume will rise to 2.527 million in 2020.

The refinement of automobile consumption has become an indisputable fact.

After the recovery from the epidemic, how to strengthen the link between the automobile supply side and the demand side? To serve the target audience with refined marketing strategy may be the key to reshape the production and marketing competition pattern of automobile industry.

Favorable policies, new opportunities for subdivision

With the support of national policies, the subdivision track represented by new energy, second-hand cars and intelligent driving has a broader development space.

Taking new energy vehicles as an example, the sales proportion of new energy passenger vehicles in China will increase from 1.0% to 5.8% in 2016-2020; In 2020, the sales volume will increase by 10%.

In 2020, 360 users’ attention to new energy vehicles increased by 73.7% year-on-year, and this change is positively related to the sales of new energy vehicles.

The second-hand car market also performed well. The favorable policies accelerated the circulation of second-hand cars. In December 2020, the transaction volume of the second-hand car market nationwide was 1.779 million, with a month on month growth of 8.52% and a month on month growth of 1.27%. The transaction amount is 110.870 billion yuan.

With policy support, technology upgrading, mature industrial chain and deeper user awareness, the automotive industry segment represented by new energy and automatic driving will continue to take new technology as the driving force, improve the industrial chain from the user’s needs, continuously provide the industry, and create a booming industry ecology.

The rise of new consumer power and more diversified automobile users

As China’s auto market turns from increment to stock, the user groups and user communication of auto brands are also facing the transformation iteration of refined operation. In the process of competing for the stock market, focusing on the segment user group that has not been fully satisfied by the market is the key to win the future brand.

Special groups, such as the Z generation of curiosity and the transformation of beautiful car ladies and sisters, are injecting new vitality into the automobile consumer market.

With the last batch of post-90s entering the 20th generation, generation Z, represented by the post-95s, officially took over the post-80s and post-90s and became the main consumer force. Its consumption concept of self-expression, quality and individuality will further promote the intellectualization, energy saving and personalization of the automobile industry and stimulate more potential of the automobile industry.

With the continuous improvement of women’s economic strength, women have more say in car purchase, and they are more looking forward to having their own exclusive car than sitting in the co driver. Wuling Hongguang, with its lovely and small size, has become the first choice for women.

The report points out that among 360 users, 63.3% of them are women who actively search Wuling Hongguang Mini.

In xiaohongshu and other communities, we can see that some of the refitted “national chariots” are cool and dazzling, some are warm and lovely, and the upsurge of “her economy” has injected a fresh force into the domestic car playing culture.

From industry, brand to users, it is not difficult for us to see that refinement is the key word that the whole automobile industry needs to focus on. As the industry enters the stock age, fine management is the key to success; The brand competition is fierce, and the refined strategy can occupy the user’s mind; Users in the fine dimension are more concrete, and only those who get users can get the world.

At the level of digital marketing, 360 smart commerce will also focus on the industry trend, continuously empower the industry enterprises and create more growth with continuously improved product strength and refined operation ability.

The following is the full text of the report:

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