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At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic situation will make hunting enterprises face a severe test. In the face of complex and uncertain environment, headhunter practitioners are more eager to improve their understanding and understanding of industrial structure, industry overview, business details and competitive situation, and find a breakthrough in their own development.

Since the launch of the project on February 6, 2020, Gu Lu has collected fresh first-hand in-depth research data through a survey questionnaire, and formed the 2020 China headhunting industry research report.

The report reflects the current development status, management planning, industry outlook, opportunities and challenges of China’s headhunting enterprises, and compares it with the 2016 Gulu headhunting industry survey to trace the industry changes and help the vast number of headhunters to understand the real situation of China’s headhunting industry under the new situation.

Only 8% of hunting enterprises have more than 100 employees, and about 40% of them have no more than 10 employees

At present, China’s hunting enterprises are still dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises. The survey shows that nearly 40% of the hunting enterprises have less than 10 employees, and 75.8% of the hunting enterprises with less than 30 employees account for 75.8% of the total. Only 8% of the hunting enterprises participating in the survey have more than 100 employees.

The popularity of science and technology industry is soaring, represented by the Internet and artificial intelligence

With the combination of Internet and human resources, emerging fields such as AI, big data, algorithm, driverless, blockchain and Internet of things have risen. The demand for talents in emerging high-tech fields has increased by more than 50% year-on-year, with strong customer demand. It has become a “gold absorbing” industry for many hunting enterprises.

Besides headhunting recruitment business, RPO and HR consulting business are valued

In order to meet the needs of customers, many hunting enterprises provide customers with more diversified innovative services through the expansion of business models. According to the survey data, in addition to the headhunting business, the largest number of hunting enterprises have set foot in or plan to expand human resource consulting and RPO business, reaching 46.6% and 44.1%.

The overall quality of headhunting practitioners is high, and the educational level is concentrated in undergraduate

The explosive growth of demand has brought about the vigorous development of headhunting industry, which can attract a large number of high-quality young people to join.

According to the results of this survey, 86.4% of China’s headhunters have bachelor’s degree or above, including many overseas graduates and employees with master’s degree or above.

Facing the pneumonia epidemic in 2020, the pressure of hunting enterprises is concentrated on revenue and cash flow

For their own business conditions, the two aspects that hunting enterprises are most worried about are revenue and cash flow. In this survey, 50% and 36% of hunting enterprises respectively felt more than 4 points of pressure in these two items. (a score of 1-5 indicates a sense of pressure from low to high)

There is a strong demand for new information systems for hunting enterprises, especially for large and medium-sized hunting enterprises

Among the hunting enterprises participating in this survey, 65.7% said that they had the demand for new informatization.

With the growth of the scale of hunting enterprises, the management of hunting enterprises becomes more difficult. Many hunting enterprises begin to seek information-based solutions. Survey data show that hunting enterprises with more than 50 employees have on average more than two new plans for information systems.

Hunting enterprises rely on more concentrated recruitment channels, which is significantly higher than other websites / platforms

Through a horizontal comparison of different recruitment channels, it can be found that most of the recruitment channels most rely on are “internal ATS database”, “Liepin” and “LinkedIn”, which are significantly higher than other channels.

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